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Those of us who hoped for a quick “ascension” bump yesterday haven’t been paying attention.

Because we are, as sparks of life, instantaneously everywhere, our state of being is simply a matter of where we focus our intentions. We humans are accustomed to focusing on 3D + T.

As someone whose focus got abruptly refocused (over a period of two weeks) in August 2011, I can tell you that a gradual shift (if that is what you experiencing) is much to be preferred. At that time was that I did indeed “remember” that I am one with my higher self. It was truly awesome.

But I also felt an immediate, urgent need to attend to my physical body, which toward the end of that two weeks, had not been fed or watered for several days. That snapped me back into my human awareness, but not entirely. I hurt all over and was too weak to even stand without help. I figure what happened is that everything physical that could not be sustained in my new “point of view” got dumped into my physical system to be cleared away. That took another month.

However, the sense of expansiveness did not go away. I experienced myself as a caged bird might, when the cage is suddenly removed. I was suddenly free, but free for what? The cage was my familiar territory. The great expanse was unmapped in my human perception.

I understood that integration would take time. My understanding is what is unique about our current Earthly experience is that as we increase our vibratory level, we are, as a group, taking physical bodies with us.

At the same time, I must affirm that all of us are seeds of the Oneness, just doing an experiment — that of experiencing limitation. We are all Masters, and at this time, we have completed one chapter and are moving on the next. There is no “other.” There is only I AM! I am grateful for the opportunity.

I include a link below, which affirms my experience of this by its similarity to my own experience.


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From the Gold Star Meditation:

“Connect with the intention that the Fellowship will take with them, between Mother Earth and Father Sky, where the Fellowship has walked the distance on the physical plane to intend, to visualize, to affirm, and to manifest the Afirmative thinking system that eternally exists in the natural order. 

To affirm is to know the truth of this work, to trust the truth of this work.  Realize that we are all equally a precious child of creator.  We can cooperate and collaborate for our collective survival on earth to renew, to restore the Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.

We renew and restore our spiritual holistic self and also the planet earth simultaneously the same way that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. 

We “re-ignite the fire” of this intention for the future generations.  If we take care of the Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, then we will be taking care of ourselves collectively in the future. 

We interconnect with the divine to affirm that we have heard and understand the intent for humanity to become humane.

By Patricia Anne Davis, Navajo Wisdom Keeper, NativeAmericanConcepts.com

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This communication on behalf of the Altai Fellowship came through with the help of Maia Rose, who is a member of the Altai Fellowship.  A spokeswoman for the Brotherhood of Light started communicating with Maia last fall.  When asked, the Almas also began communicating with her this spring.  Read Communication with the Illuminated Beings of Altai Part One here.

Speaking with the white Brotherhood, Illuminated beings from Altai.

I see the white brotherhood standing on white cliffs holding a book with white light all around.  A spokesperson steps forward to say:  “We are glad to be here and glad to be asked to support your journey.”

What is the nature of the extra energy portal to be opened in Altai this summer?

This means that in the energy field there is an accumulation of energy of a certain frequency (shows an egg shaped energy field consolidating at a specific frequency).  The energy field is specific to Altai.  It is a different kind of energy than other places and the portal is a place where the energy field is most dense.

Where does this energy come from?

The Altai portal is a gift from the illuminated beings who brought it there and have accumulated and preserved it there and other places around the globe for many millennia.

Where did the energy come from in the first place?

From Stars.  The portal is a cache of the energy of creation originating from the God source.

How do we open this Cache?


I gave a very seemingly simple answer because it encompasses everything.  (I see us sitting under a tree with the Katun river at our back.  The Altai Fellowship is sitting in a circle shape around [Carol].  We are all picturing this egg shape and sending love to it.  At first it looks concentrated and muddy.  Then it lights up with golden light.  It gets brighter dissolving the muddiness, getting more and more golden until rays come out from it.)

Is it these rays we are supposed to transmit?

Yes. (I see sparks over each persons head that look like Tulip shaped flames with rounded points that are vibrating).

How should the energy be transmitted?

In a way it doesn’t matter how the energy will be transmitted.  You are seeing it as flames. It doesn’t need a visual form, it might come through any sense.  Somebody might hear it as the OM, somebody might feel a tickle on their thigh or they might feel peaceful or their heart may feel expansive.

Do your best and use your intuition and your intuition will be heightened when you get there and you will just know what to do… the most profound things are quiet and simple.  That is why I said love, because love will take care of it all.  (Patricia Anne Davis will be leading the Gold Star Meditation in Altai to connect with the Grounding Groups)

How will the energy of the portal opening be received, how should the Grounding Groups help?


(I See people sitting in their own spaces or in shared community spaces.)  The more relaxed people are, the more energy they will be able to absorb.  However, if you lay down, it will be harder to ground the energy into the Earth.  Don’t make the ceremony too long.  Longer is not better.  Afterwards, it would be good for people to walk quietly or be in quiet communion with themselves. Give grace to do what you are inspired to do.  Walking around nature is good and then, after awhile, come back together and share food.

Initially ground the energy into where you are sitting.  The piece of earth you are sitting on.  If you are sitting inside, send it down into the earth.  If you are sitting in a flowerbed or garden, you can plant something there after.  When it grows, it will include that energy. (Gold Star Meditation will connect with and ground the energy)

The receipt of the energy will increase intuition.    Once the portal is open, it will remain open.

In the days and weeks following, you must continue to channel the energy in active ways.  Each person will listen to their intuition to know what right action to do with the energy.  Each person will have their own right action to do because we all have individual lives and birth plans.  What ever goodness whatever mission that you came to do, use the energy to do it more and more.

The more you use the energy, the more it will transform your lives.  More and more you will move beyond being solely emotional and solely reasonable into true Wisdom and Knowing.  In time you will become this wisdom, 24/7.  In future times, it will become impossible to reason things out fast enough to make a decision.  Sequential reasoning will become too slow of a process. Decisions will instead need to be made through the wisdom of intuition.

Intuition is not the same as impulsiveness, intuition is based in the wisdom of global consciousness.  Each person is a creative being and will have a different idea or inspiration:  For example, my intuition is to plant bulbs, my intuition is to feed the homeless, my intuition is to work on getting the waterways cleared.

The people who download the energy  will also connect in their own unique ways with the energy using different senses.  Some may see a flash of light, hear a high-pitched humming or feel warmth or expansiveness.

Use mindfulness, notice and use your intuition, connect with everything around you, each leaf on a tree, a single ant, let everything be important and valuable.  Be in gratitude for all things in your life.  Just spread love, laugh and have a good time with others.  This will  raise peoples energy.

High energy states or high vibrational states make manifestation easier.  The easier it is for the majority of people to manifest the good; the more combined abundance there will be in the world.

What is optimal to do with the energy?  

Take action with the energy to share it however it feels right to you.  Flow.  Be the river.  The energy needs to be in motion. Do do do do!  Don’t think that any kindness is too small.  If you can’t do a big project, just do the little things you can do.  Always be on the lookout for ways to connect and share love with others, birds, fish animals, fairies, almas, apes…  Whatever you can do to honor the connection from a place of unconditional love.

The biggest source of “not doing” is shame.  When people fear that they will feel shame or be embarrassed, they don’t even try.  In terms of practicing unconditional love, start with unconditional love of self in order to release and remove shame.

What effect is the opening of the portal going to have on ourselves and our communities?

The effect on each person will be individual and it will be exactly what they want it to be because they will create it with their intention.  It will look the way they want it and be how they want it.

The effect on the community will be the degree to which they act on their intuition.  The more people act, the more the energy will flow through them.

Is there anything else that we should let people know?

Everybody needs to play, play, play!  Laugh, sing, dance, be goofy, hug.  Some of the right action needs to be play!  Do creative things, paint, draw, sing, if you are loving life you are living in right action!

It’s all going to come right eventually.  The balance will come eventually.  Be optimistic.  Gaia wants this, so we are going to get to balance somehow.  Humanity’s part of the ascension is to move into intuition and reaching out to amplify the connectedness that already exists.

Trust that everything is going to work out for the highest good.  Use your intuition!

The Altai Fellowship is a self-selected international group that has come together for the purpose of opening an energy gate and transmitting this energy out into the world in the Altai Republic in Siberia July-August, 2011.  This group is organized by Altai Mir University and led by Carol Hiltner, a Seattle-based author/artist/activist facilitating global flourishing of traditional wisdom.

The mission of Altai Mir University is to build peace by bridging ancient wisdom with today’s world, primarily through leadership exchanges, events, and projects to strengthen indigenous cultures and their value to current global affairs. AMU is a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. For the past decade, Carol has focused her efforts on sustaining the sacred land and people of Altai in Siberia and in conveying the ancient wisdom that resides there.

On August 13, 2011, she and a group of fellow pilgrims including Maia Rose will access the reserve cache of life force that has been stored in Altai by Mother Earth and the Brotherhood of Light, and transmit it globally to facilitate global spiritual opening. People around the world are needed to receive and ground this energy.  To learn more about AMU please visit http://www.AltaiMir.org

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On June 26th, 2011, I was taken on a dream journey into the heart of Mt Belukha by the Illuminated Beings of Altai.  I was shown the triple spiral heart portal and the one-dimensional gateway.  There were many questions and answers in this vision, but the experience was completely wordless.  Below, I have attempted to convey the information that was shared with me to the best of my ability.

Mama Mountain.  
Mount Belukha rising from the Earth.  
Rising like a life-giving breast, source of all beings.  
Glacial milk feeding the essence of humanity.  
Milked, for love of life,
by conscious intention.

Deep in the heart of the sacred Mt. Beluka in the Altai range lies a triple spiral portal.  The triple spiral is a 2-Dimensional interpretation of what is an inter-dimensional gateway.  Through this gateway, life is manifested, grown from seeds of consciousness.  Seeds planted within the gateway by intention are in co-operation with Gaia, our loving mother Earth.  These seeds, germinate in her great belly and manifest through the pathways of mineral and water to the surface of the Earth and flow through mighty rivers across the land and into the great oceans.

The Pathways of Mineral and Water

Seeds of conscious intention manifest through the pathways of mineral and water.  The pathways of mineral begin in the portal at the heart of the mountain.  Approaching the heart, there is immense pressure from the rocks above. As they meet at specific angles, the quartz is compressed  into a liquid form.  In the deepest, most intense point, this liquid is compressed again into a plasmatic form.  When organized in a specific way, this plasma crosses the threshold of dimensionality and becomes inter-dimensional.  This is the triple spiral portal.

The pathway of mineral flows through the liquid quartz as it radiates out from the heart portal into the veins of the mountain.  Along these tendrils of molten mineral manifest the ores of metal.  Flowers of the imprinted quartz bloom into the solid rock as various types of crystals.  Lakes form from the mixture of mineral salts and hardens into various types of rock beds.  These manifestations sprout onto the surface of the Mountain, pushed up by the energy of the mountain’s pulsating heart portal.  They are a gift to humanity from our Mother.

The pathway of Water beings at the end of the tendrils of liquid quartz as it reaches the surface and cools into a solid.  Pools of water form in the pockets of these crystal blooms .  Once imprinted with the message from the heart of the mountain, the water travels along the veins of ore to the surface. As it springs up at the surface of the mountain, this imprinted water shares the message from the mountain with the flowing surface streams.  When gathered into the deep mountain lakes, the water compresses at the bottom of the lake into a near crystalline form and releases the resonance to the surface where it is broadcasted into the sky and then carried along the clouds.

These pathways are expressions of Gaia’s love for us as living beings.  When we recognize her gifts and show our appreciation, our love for her is returned as rain and snow.  Our love returned is what has packed into ice resting on the mountain.  Each layer of ice representing a generations of blessings and gratitude encoded in each crystal snowflake.

History of the Altai Portal

The Altai portal was activated long ago by visiting star nations who worked their intentions together, for the benefit of all races on Earth.  There are other portals in the sacred mountains of the Earth.  The keepers of these portals have been trained to lovingly milk the mountain for the benefit of their peoples.

In the past centuries, many of the portals have been compromised by negative intention seeds, planted in arrogance.  This arrogance will weaken and can eventually destroy a portal.  Some portals were destroyed by mining efforts and nuclear testing.  Some of this damage was intentional, some of it was in ignorance.

The Altai Portal is unique due to its remoteness and to the great depth and volume of Lake Baikal.   Being so difficult to get to, the challenges of a sustained assault on the mountain have preserved the mountain and her heart portal manifestations.  The preservation of the ancient frequencies is why it is the Altai portal opening  the summer of 2011 is particularly momentous.

Part Two: The Shift of Ages – Altai Frequency

Bio: Karahapinohopono is a mother, an artist, a teacher of meditation and a metaphorical translator.  She has a masters degree in east Asian medicine and her spiritual gift is in translating the concepts and manifestations from the nature-based, holistic thinking system into the modern reductive, closed thinking system.  She is working with the Altai Fellowship as coordinator of the global groups that are working to ground the energy released from the portal opening on August 13th, 2011.

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Let’s talk about The Shift.

This seems to be the phrase echoing around most often as I read reports of what is happening these days.  Part of what I experience happening as the Shift of Ages is an unstoppable expansion of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity into a more Global or Universal Consciousness.

We know that people are vastly more connected through modern technologies and the internet.  This connectivity has strengthened the Human Collective Consciousness in entirely new ways.  What is also happening on a metaphysical level is an expansion of the Human Collective Consciousness into a Universal or Global Consciousness.  This Global Consciousness includes the consciousness of Animals, Plants, Trees, Mountains, Rivers and Oceans.  We’re talking about the smallest particles of microscopic life living in between grains of sand on the desert floor and every tiny amoeba floating in the ocean. This global consciousness, as the name would suggest, also includes the consciousness of the Entire Planet as she spins around the Sun.  We say Universal Consciousness because a Universal Consciousness includes the consciousness of other planets and planetary beings as well as the consciousness of the Dark Matter that makes up 96% of our Universe.

It’s an exciting Shift that is occurring these days.  A vast and mind-bending, reality-changing Shift.  A can’t-go-back-to-the-smallness-of-the-individual-mind-dissociated-from-the-collective-reality kind of Shift.  At times this Shift is long overdue and cause for enormous celebration and revelry.  At other times, it seems to threaten an apparently stable and reliable way of life that we are accustomed to.  The unstoppable momentum of this Transformative Shift can make it seem a horribly and terribly frightening experience.

However we feel about the beginning of this Shift, it it is a sign of the unavoidable reality that things will never quite be the same again.  Collective Consciousness includes the good, the bad and the ugly, after all.  And with much of the planet in the raped and pillaged state she is in, Global Consciousness isn’t all brightness at this particular point either.  There are a lot of suffering beings in the shadows of this blessed planet.

But that suffering is also part of the Shift.  At first, the connectivity is overwhelming and consciousness shattering.  But it settles down after awhile and we realize the amazing gift of Life we are blessed to be part of.  Because, despite the suffering, there is also such indescribable beauty here in our world and in our hearts.  We have the great privileged and honor to work with the incredible power of Life as we work this amazing force into our personal lives, our families and communities.  Ultimately, as we become loving and kind selves, we create a loving and kind Universe.

With this in mind, let us fearlessly grab a hold of this Shift with both hands and an open heart rather than try to resist the irresistible.  Have faith that you and I will be able to make it through this Shift of the Ages.

One thing that is for certain is that we will not be alone.

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