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I wanted to share my extraordinary experience working with the Great Lake portal in the Chicago area this past month while I was visiting the area.

During this meditation, as I opened to connect with the guardian spirits of the area, I was taken back through time.

I was shown the great basin that once existed around the area during the ice age.  The great lakes were the lowest point of this great, deep glacial lake.  The portal at the base of this greatest lake was a portal for most of the Midwest connected to all the rivers running across the vast valleys.

The illuminated beings explained to me that the healing of the Earth is taking place across the temporal planes as well.

As we access our ancestral lineage and the spiritual connections with our previous lives, a great clearing is taking place through time, correcting our entire bloodlines and cultural heritage.

Quite miraculous!

Much love,

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A group of 60/70 of us Shared a deep experience in Portugal, Seirra de Cabreira, near Mount Goces and Laruco.

We shared sacred sounds to prepare and enter a deeper state of connection and then did the gold star meditation.

Most expressed how strong the experience was. Focalizing the group, I felt a tremendous level of energy as we connected our light line to the Altai.

The day began with over 4000 at the european rainbow choosing to be in silence for the morning.

All day focused creative activities were happening. In the evening 2 parades of women and men separately paraded and then joined in a rainbow ceremony, dancing the elements and honouring the directions.

The sky was filled with amazing lattice patterns and as I wondered of the magnitude of this event I saw a huge Luck Dragon in the sky, made from the clouds,

with a star shooting across it’s open wings.

I give thanks to all who shared in this wonderful global experience!!!
With Deep Love and gratitude Z. xx

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Keep in mind that beyond temporal time and physical space the unifying principles of the holy beings who are the Guiders of humanity are available when intention from Humane Beings is invoked by one’s own soul star interconnected with their “diamond crystal soul”, true SELF or light body; and interconnected with creator and divine creation.

We are a spark of divinity as an “individualized” soul, so we are a microcosm of the macrocosm.  We are in the universe and the universe is within us.  In my writings, I have called this interconnectedness holographic holistic.

Therefore, all we have to do is intend, visualize, affirm a divine plan of love and peace, in order to manifest pir thinking and use it for what it is for in order to participate – do our part as our sacred SELF; our individuality within the whole.

You are not alone. The whole creation and Karmic beings support your intention as it is one with the unifying principles of all spiritual work to serve creator by serving humaneness on earth.

In the Goldstar meditation we are asked to connect our soulstar to that of the lightbeings in the mountains near where we are. The mountains I know of people climb them– so technically they are not free of human interference, right?

There are many sacred places where holy being “reside” and mountains are such places. Pristine mountains are ideally not polluted by humans. However, by connecting with wilderness places that are becoming polluted by humans like noise and trash, etc. we are helping to clear them from continuing such pollutions by changing the thoughtforms of people who do such things without awareness

When doing spiritual work of cleansing and purifying energies, it is clearing maladaptive thoughtforms back into the light and out of its dense stagnant thoughtforms that keep people spiritually asleep.  When we remember our selves as a sacred-SELF, we can make corrections that may seem small, but they make large changes in cooperation and collaboration with people who also aware and awake.

Your commitment to serving in the world will guide you to people who are inspired to guide you.  

You also will grow into more confidence about what you see and know in order to discern why, what and how to go about doing your whole duty. A sincere commitment to daily Esoteric meditation, which is a listening to your own soul technique, will anchor and align you with congruent thinking, your creative imagination and intuition.

©Patricia Anne Davis, MA and the Navajo Nation Justice Department  All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.  For an explanation of the terms above, please visit the  glossary

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during the grounding time I was at the top of Logan’s Pass, also known as Going to The Sun Highway, in Glacier National Park, Montana.  Lots of Mountains up there from that view point!  (August 13th, Saturday around 3:00 pm. MT time or 2:00 pm. PDT). 

I felt a firm connection shortly after the moon came up which was a bit clouded over because of some wildfire smoke but non the less it was beautiful!  Big and yellow! 

I also took in Rising Wolf Mountain, and Divide Mountain near Two Medicine Lake East Glacier, Park MT.  I gave offerings as per our custom. 

You know, there are many that have gone before us that lay in the Altai mountains, Golden Mountains, such as the Scythians, Mongols and etc.  Ancient People.  If you didn’t already please give them an offering too.

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Here are some photos from the Albera foothills of the Pyrenees in NE Spain – it was a calm, warm evening and I felt moved to meditate physically alone in the centre of a labyrinth in my garden. The pennant above the tree has a collage of images of Mount Belukha, a snow leopard, prehistoric Pazyrik felt artwork, a carved wooden tiger found in a kurgan, combined with other images of standing stone and dolmens from this area.
With best wishes,
May our actions benefit all beings
May all beings be happy

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About 5 hours ago:

Russian Spaceship Crashes After Failed Launch

A robotic Russian space freighter headed for the International Space Station crashed into the Altai Republic near the border with China today after the third stage of its Soyuz launch vehicle failed about six minutes after launch…The Progress space freighter was carrying about three tons of supplies and equipment to the International Space Station.

NASA International Space Station Program Manager Mike Suffredini said the engine powering the stage inexplicably cut off five minutes and 50 seconds after blastoff from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The rocket failed to reach orbit and instead crashed into the remote, mountainous republic, which is located in central Asia at the juncture of Siberian forests, the steppes of Kazakhstan and the semi-deserts of Mongolia.

A thunderous blast from the crash broke windows in surrounding areas but there were no immediate reports of casualties. About 25 percent of the republic is covered with forests.

We are called to reaffirm our connection with the high mountain grid, give gratitude for Mother Earth’s desire and ability to protect herself and us, her beloved children, from any harmful impacts the contents of this ship contained.

Please connect with any of the 50 portals already activated and return the pristine activation energies back to Mt Belukha and the entire Altai range.  Activate the purifying Ultraviolet light to cleanse and purge the entire pathway of the rocket and it’s landing site.  Then heal the area and all the peoples there with the golden light of replenishment, surrounding the entire Earth.

You can use the Gold Star Meditation as guidance or whatever healing tradition you are comfortable with.

Many thanks for your working the Light of Truth on this Earth.

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Carol and I graduated from the same seminary and we were ordained on the same day.
I have been to Siberia.

We have a group that met each other in Los Angeles that meets weekly to meditate on the mountain and surrounding area.
I was once home to the Chumash Indians.

The mountain is Zaca Peak in the Los Padres.

Our group did a virtual group meditation and then joined the central one for Altai.
This is the prayer I was given on August 13, just before the meditation

I breathe the breath of the Universe today.
I touch with the hand of life.
I see with the eyes of the Holy Spirit.
I hear the symphony in the key of God.
I feel with the heart of all sentient beings.
I know with the mind of God.

Rev. Barbara Kaufmann

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