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This seems like an interesting opportunity:

Entering the Mystery of Feminine Alchemy:
Reclaiming the Power of the Goddess Within

A Free Teleseminar with
Author, Priestess, Unconventional Initiator

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 5:30pm US Pacific / 8:30pm US Eastern
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We are calling the sacred sisters (and brothers) who are here to help awaken and rebalance our world. It is time! And this free event is a portal into a new understanding of yourself and our time.

Are you a being who recognizes it is time to access and awaken your distinctly feminine powers?

If so, you likely have noticed that this power has never been adequately opened up by traditional spiritual paths and religions. There’s a reason for that: the vast majority of the paths in the last 2000 years have been created by men who didn’t understand how to ignite, open, and awaken the feminine face of God.

The schools and trainings for female priestesses, which shaped so much of ancient history and provided a counterbalance to masculine power structures, largely were dismantled in the west.

The result? Women have lacked initiatory traditions that allow us to claim our full spiritual power in a distinctly feminine way.

That is changing now and Ariel Spilsbury is one of the reasons why: she has been quietly training and developing a divine feminine lineage that is profound and alchemical and unlike anything you associate with spiritual practice.

She has done this work out of the limelight, never doing teleseminars or summits or speaking engagements, simply trusting that the right people will find her when they are ready for initiation into this feminine wisdom.

Ariel sourced the lineage of the 13 moon mystery school that gave rise to Devaa Haley and Elayne’s Soulful Women program. She’s played an initiatory role with other faculty and leaders in the Shift Network, including the founder Stephen Dinan. She is a crazy-wise, cosmically-connected woman to whom serious, dedicated seekers are instinctively drawn.

We would love to tell you about what you will discover during this first-ever event with her and the benefits of attending. But it simply won’t work. That’s not how she works. She enters into the frequency of the feminine mysteries and allows the truth of the moment to emerge from the consciousness that is present.

So there’s not a curriculum except the one scripted by Life itself.

What we DO know is that she’ll work with archetypal energies and explore the alchemy of awakening in a more multi-dimensional way than you have encountered.

This in-the-moment approach is at the heart of feminine alchemy and the Goddess energy: it is organic, unpredictable, multi-dimensional and multi-valent. It is receptive to the truth of each moment.

We can guarantee this will be an out-of-the-box event that helps ignite a deeper understanding of what a truly feminine spiritual path looks like and how you can continue to reclaim the Goddess(es) within you.

As we cross the threshold of a new era in which women reclaim their rightful place of partnership in the co-creation of our world, it is time to understand and celebrate the distinctly feminine ways of accessing, expressing, and transmuting the life-giving feminine energy of the Cosmos.

Ariel will enter into the mystery with us for this special free event. This may well be the only time she ever does this as she lives outside of technology and time, so it’s an odd thing for her to do a teleseminar and she’s agreed to do it with some reluctance.

So come and discover more of what has led so many to come to Ariel as a muse, initiatrix, and utterly divine Fool who is helping us lift the veil on far larger truths and embody a far beautiful reality – the Goddess in all her splendor.

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About Ariel Spilsbury

Ariel is a planetary priestess of the Goddess. Her passion is participating in the conscious evolution of this planet and all its inhabitants. This takes the form of traveling to share the wisdom of the Divine Feminine around the globe, which she has done for over thirty years. She has devoted her life to the conscious awakening of all beings. This she has offered through writing, teaching, sacred theater presentations, creating a metaphysical store, conferences, consciousness events, lectures, seminars, starting a metaphysical newspaper, moon circles for women, spiritual counseling and maintaining a temple for the Goddess for twenty five years. Ariel is a cheerleader for consciousness, ceremonialist and consciousness initiator.

She presently offers spiritual counseling service and various workshops with the intention of planetary awakening. The present focus of her awareness is grounding a Living Mystery School, priestess training and sound and light temple on Earth called The Sanctuary of the Open Heart.

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Questions from an Altai Fellowship Grounding Group Participant

R: I have a few questions about the gold star meditation. perhaps you can help me with them.

1. Worldview challenges– i’ve shared with carol many times how it is hard for me to really fathom all of this, an opening of an energy portal and the presence of lightbeings, etc. What I do understand is that most of us currently perceive a very narrow band of reality. It is this understanding that has led me to be open and willing to try doing the goldstar meditation (well, also the fact of having being exposed to the rainbow bridge work (as taught by alice bailey) and seeing a lot of similarities and having an intuition that this rainbow bridge work should be a part of my practice (my main practice is zen and so the practice of the goldstar meditation is something we would tend to shy away from.) 

Patricia:  * “Energy portals” identified in various metaphysical names have existed in the spiritual realms beyond the Astral Plane, which is NOT a spiritual energy plan.  Humans are supposed to thinking to cooperate with the spiritual beings who are the Guiders of the human race on the Earth. The challange in contemporary times is that our English language does not have the terms for describing this type of spiritual communication with whom we call the “Masters”. Thus Sanscrit from India is used because it is the oldest language and it describes spiritual terms that English cannot.
We only know a few of their names, Jesus and Buddha among them.  They meet at the Great Convocation on the full moon of June to blend the spiritual energies for humanity for the next year.  These blended energies “stimulate” humans  to awaken to their own capacity for understanding their soul perpose and life mission.  Humans who are “asleep” must still experience physical plane life in order to come to a place of understanding their thinking capacity and to know how to cooperate with group intention.The spiritual meditation is safely designed and coined as “the Gold Star Meditation”.  It IS Zen practice. Zen and Koans are designed to liberate thinking out of dualism. This meditation is exponential in that it clears the aura as in the practice of Zen.
It is not a “religious” meditation that requires conversion from one belief to another  because my work is NOT religion, phylosopy or theory.  It is in the natural ordercontext (“laws of nature”that humans do not have “poweover”).The “power” is from within a person’s own willingness for liberation from dualism, intention to cooperate with a divine plan for humanity and the ability to access their own soul spiritual energy for powerwith to have power with others for love and peace. Fear is a call for love and they cannot coexist. Guilt is a call for peace and they cannot coexist. The meditation facilitates thinking for choosing love and peace.
R: I have to be clear about my own opaque motivations– i’d like to open to this energy for my own benefit if it does exist and help (so, i’m coming from a rather selfish place!)*
The ego thought system as described in “A Course in Miracles” is where “selfishness” resides before liberation from dualism; and, the holy spirit thought system is where “selflessness” resides.  This means that the soul purpose and life mission of every person exists in the holy spirit thought system because the holy spirit is the messenger for creator and creator’s divine plan for choosing love and peace – choosing power within for powerwith other. This meditation is a “how to” for a thought reversal process that reframes a person’s thinking to it appropriate function for acknowledging and cooperating with the divine plan for love and peace among humanity. It requirs a person to reframe their thinking from one thinking system to another – from the dificient self-image in an Inverse thinkings system into an Affirmative thinkings system, where thinking can cooperate with the holy beings in spritual plane where they reside close to the the earth in remote mountain locations.

So, my question is what, if anything, might it be wise to differently in the goldstar meditation seeing this challenge/challenges that i have?
* Remember, the Buddha became a Buddha when he realized that pain and suffering is not a spiritual path.  This was his soul liberation out of dualism and he defined the Four Noble Truth based on his liberation as a path and practice for SELF-realization, which this meditation is designed to facilitate, meaning that the optimal safe conditions are contained in the “how to”.  The key to all healing is in the breathing. All healing takes place in the thinking.

R: 2. Practicing alone- when doing the goldstar meditation i am alone, i don’t have a group i am doing this with (and the meditation calls for invoking a group soul star).. should i do the meditation any differently. or can i mentally invite others who are doing this meditation into my circle. like, could in invite you, patricia and carol and others whom i may know?

* This meditation is in actuality beyond time and space, so meditating alone is not doing it alone.  It just requires visualizing connection with the purpose and intention of the group where you are, as you are not every truel “alone”. You may certainly invite anyone you know, including us that you named to be spiritual present because we will all be together anyway, in the Eternal Now, eternally existing within us. It requires you to send a “ray of light” from your soul star to ours which is interconnected in the “etheric network” from which we are doing spiritual work – safely. Safely means working from the sour star outside time and space. This is a technique for liberation from dualism.

3. soulstar- besides doing the breathing as explained in the meditation is there anything else i need to be doing the whole time? do i need to picture the soulstar throughout? picture the group soulstar throughout? and once the rainbow bridge is invoked do i hold on to that picture throughout the remainder of the meditation?

* The phase by phase explaination for the “how to” meditate using a very esoteric method, (as distinct from exoteric practice as is prevalently available by many forms,) is specifically designed for you to access your own soul by listening to how to make decisions accordingly in cooperation with the holy spirit thought system, not any external source, subject to misinterpretation and erroneous human influenсe. We are remembering and awakening from human to humane. Humaneness is our original teaching.

The key is to know that this Esoteric Meditation and spiritual healing work utilizing the soul star as described in the technique is INVOKING your own
soul for revelationary information that allows you to enter the spiritual realms safely. 

This meditation is a completely safe method for working outside time and space in the physical plane. Focusing your whole brain thinking into your own soul star ignites a ray of light from your soul star to the other people’s soul star in the Etheric Network where only spiritual intention can receive by telepathy from soul star to soul star for the inspiration from the the holy beings who are the Guiders of the human race for rebalancing humaneness for harmony in communication and relationship.

You only are required to have intention, to visualize, to affirm in order to manifest the existing spiritual reality of the divine plan of love and peace on earth and among humane beings
who are also being inspired and educated about how to interconnect from powerwithin to have powerwith others for the purpose in this time of awakening the Conscience.

You may also send the ray of light as ultra violet to your ailing relative’s soul star and then the color of replenishment as gold to them afterward with this affirmation:

“In my oneness and integrity where I know and see with creator, I see (name:______________________ as holy, whole, loved, and healed.”

Add any other affirmations that you would like or that you see as needed.

Also From Patricia Anne Davis: 

A post on the safety of the Gold Star Meditation

United Intention for the Altai Fellowship

©Patricia Anne Davis, MA and the Navajo Nation Justice Department  All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system.

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The Fellowship called in from a brief break in their trek (they actually had to get off the call to get on their way.  The skype connection was spotty, so there were some breaks in the conversation, but the deep wisdom shared by the trekkers was profound and meaningful for those of us grounding the Altai energies.  The call was recorded and available by calling: (723) 775-7099  Access Code: 439053#  When prompted for a reference number, press #

Working with the Mountains:  Feel with an open heart, use your intuition to guide you.  Part of what is happening is that some portals will be fading away while some will be awakening anew.  Allow flexibility during meditation to hear the call from the active mountain portals near you.

Q:  Looking maps to see what kind of a grid is being activated with Mt Beluka along same Latitude line as Montana Ceremony I am wondering how to visualize this grid?

A:  Looking at the question of how to visualize the web of light surrounding the globe:

1.  Latitude is  one way of visualizing the Ultra Violet light and Golden light spreading.  Imagine points of light at the crossing lines of Latitude and Longitude.  If it is easier to visualize, you can begin with the lines being spaced out as on a globe and then work to imagine them being closer and closer together.  Kind of like a woven lattice.

2.  Another option is to look at the different heights of the mountains.  If you were to connect the 20 highest peaks, you would find lines around the globe.  When you imagine the peaks in an entire mountain range, if you were to connect the smaller peaks of the same size together, they would form  in circles around the tallest peak.  In this way, the grid looks like a spider’s web.  Some areas have more lines than others along the grid and the longer lines from the major mountains will influence hundreds of  miles surrounding it.

Working with the grid, whether like a woven lattice or like Spider Webbing, practice feeling the tug from the mountains nearest to you as well as the tallest mountains in your area.  Check in with your intuition and allow yourself to be present with what calls to you.

Question from Pacific Island Group:  We are on an Island looking for mountain.  How does that work for us?

Answer:  Islands are mountains, themselves.   The ocean is the great receiver of the high mountain energies and works by reflecting this energy back to us and to the sky and clouds.  As the energy bounces between clouds and ocean, they work together, acting as an amplifier.

To access the high mountain energies, form the group star and then send it up in elevation, slowly and gently until you feel the tug of the web of the mountain network, then locate your nearest mountain portal.

Question about difficulty meditating.  While practicing meditation laying down, felt very overwhelmed with voices.

Answer:  Patricia Anne Davis said that two things that are very important are to have both feet on the ground, sitting up and to place hands over solar plexus.  The hand placement acts as a circuit breaker so that the only energy accessible is our own soul knowledge and the guidance from the illuminated beings.

Others in the Fellowship echoed their own experiences and mentioned the importance of feeling grounded because of the powerful energy in Altai.  For someone who is having difficulty, it can be helpful to have someone else hold their feet and ground for them while they acclimate to the frequencies.

Carol Hiltner said that after working with the energies for many years, it is very common for people to have a difficult time when first connecting (she could barely stand on her own feet on her first trip to Altai!) but usually the first time is the most difficult and it quickly gets easier after that.

Karah suggests practicing just the breathing preparation and feeling the gold star above one’s head for awhile.  Allow the breathing and awareness of the soul star to become a touchstone for you, so that you can easily come back to the breath as the energy moves through you and in case you find yourself distracted.

For those practicing in a group, things tend to flow much easier since a channel is formed in the group which helps everybody connect.  On August 13th, you will be supported by all the groups on the grid alongside the Altai Fellowship.

Carol Hiltner said “Mt Belukha, meaning “White Mountain” will be transmitting all week long from the base of the mountain, open to it’s love.  We will be using love to open the portal.”  Once the energy is fully grounded to the earth plane and humanity‘s collective conscience, it will continue so long as we use our conscience to access it.

A caller who is not very experienced in meditating felt concerned about not being able to participate.  Patricia designed the meditation to be very spiritually safe.  This is why we are able to share it over the internet to such a wide audience.  This was a very important prerequisite to asking people to participate in this opening.  Please work with the meditation as it has been written until the event on August 13th.  After the event, may things are expected to change and your intuition will be heightened, leading you to your calling in how to manifest and work with the new energies for following your spiritual path.

From Patricia Anne Davis on the safety of the Gold Star Meditation:

All Creation is the essence and the substance of love itself.  It is only human thinking that is misused and creates disease.  The maladaptive emotions and thought forms around the body that create personality patterns.  

This is the safest esoteric meditation that allows a person to access their own inner guidance and wisdom.  This allows us the opportunity to be Remembering and awakening to our original spiritual identity.  Our own Soul star contains all the knowledge about our purpose and our goal on earth and our life journey.  

The opening to diseased thinking is the belief in mind body dichotomy.  This Dichotomy creates a T between the Crown Chakra and the Soul Star.  It is a major blockage to our manifestation of our life purpose.  The other blockage is between the eyes in the third eye, created by compartmentalized thinking.  

The placement of the hands during this meditation, over the solar plexus, keeps us safe from outside interference, so we only access our own soul knowledge.  

There are two ways of accessing our soul knowledge:
1. Revelation to ones own soul
2. Telepathy with spiritual beings that dwell in the places

All healing takes place in thinking and the breath is the key to correct left brain dominance into whole brain thinking to creative imagination intuition to the will to love and do good will.  That is what is taking place when grounding horizontally onto the earth plane into the vertical shift.

Description of the Water.  We are so much water.  The water is the conduit.  The blood of our body is like the rivers.  When we are completely in our own truth we are not inviting maladaptive emotions into the body.  Disease can not exist in the body when connected to our soul knowledge.   Intending, visualizing affirming and manifesting that they don’t exist in the body.

Consciousness and Collective Consciousness, Patricia uses the term Collective Conscience.  From her glossary on NativeAmericanConcepts.wordpress.com:

conscienceness—ntsahakees (distinct from consciousness): spiritual clarity and awareness of the natural order as reality; the concept of holy thinking in the Dineh language.
consciousness—digiis (distinct from conscienceness): reality that depends on one’s perception and is thus subject to dualistic thinking.

Timing of Event

Regarding the actual timing of the event.  Originally, we had planned to organize a meditation at the same time the Fellowship would be in meditation.  As the information and channeling has clarified and guided us in the evolution of this event, it became clear that what was most important was the group dynamics of play and joy when interacting with each other in ceremony.  This is why groups are encouraged to start at their own time.  The Fellowship agreed that the energy is already transmitting and will continue getting stronger until the 13th.  After the week following with the Fellowship continuing to transmit and the grounding participants continuing to ground the energies, there will be another follow up call with the trekkers and we can see how things are then.

This caller also suggested looking at Google Images for Mt Belukha to help in connecting with the Altai Range and the Fellowship there.  The “Golden Mountains” as they are called, are a unesco world heretage site and a few places to learn more about this amazing history and geology is:  http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/768

You can also enjoy the inspired images that Carol has painted over the years while steeped in the Altai High Frequencies at:  http://www.altaimir.org/gallerystore.htm

Carol then revealed that the sensitive connection with Columbia has finally been decided and that the Fellowship will be Meditating with the Koji Mammos, who have also been called to join the Portal Opening, during the same time, but in different places.  As Carol said “This will take things to a whole different level!”

When asked by a caller about what the mood of the trekkers was, they answered that they have been  Ecstatic and facing difficulties, but are so caught up in the energy, it is also a challenge to stay on top of the rolling ball.

One Last thing:  Please take a photo of you, your group and/or the mountain that you are working with for Carol to add to her documentation of this vital and sacred work.  Thank you and love all around!

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Navajo medicine-person Patricia Anne Davis talks about how to choose the path of healing/wholeness and escape the destructive/separation path.

As a Navajo wisdom-keeper, she has been initiated to help people to walk the path of wholeness according to the natural order.  Learn more and read the transcript of this recording at her website, Native American Concepts.

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Hozhooji — Living the Loving Way:

Awakening to the Natural Order with the Ceremonial Change Process

By Patricia Anne Davis, MA Choctaw-Navajo/Chahta-Dineh
Edited by Carol Hiltner and Karah Pino

Published in the Spirit of Ma’at July 2011

An excerpt is below, click title for entire article:

Carol Hiltner has been working with, and appreciating the spiritual gifts of Dineh wisdom-keeper Patricia Anne Davis for several years now. An authentic Indigenous medicine person, both through initiation and lineage descent, Patricia’s work centers around translating the sacred thinking process which frames the Dineh language into English. Of late her work has stepped up because the world is changing, because the times demand it, and because the ancient Indigenous teachings hold the key to things that will help us remember how to live. You are about to read about the “Ceremonial Change Process”, a practical healing process that arises out of the sacred wisdom of the Dineh. This information really packs a punch, so give yourself time to take it all in and let it go deep enough to strengthen your connection to Spirit.

1) She is providing ceremonial structure to an open group from four continents, called the Altai Fellowship (https://altaifellowship.wordpress.com). On August 13th at the foot of sacred Mt. Bellukha in the Altai Mountains of Siberia, the fellowship will be singing open an energy portal. They will tap into a “reserve” egg of life force that has been prepared by the Brotherhood of Light for Mother Earth in time of need. Over the following week, will transmit the energy onto the global light grid, to be grounded by light workers around the world. Due to border-related travel restrictions, it is not possible for additional people to be at Mt. Belukha to transmit. However, people all over the world are encouraged to ground the energy locally, amplifying their effectiveness by gathering groups. Preparatory ceremony for grounding groups will begin on July 30th. All information is online at https://altaifellowship.wordpress.com.

2) Both formally under the auspices of UNESCO, and informally in gatherings,she is sharing the Ceremonial Change Process in her powerfully experiential way, with local Altai people, educators, and government officials.

3) Through these activities (especially by facilitation of the global grounding groups), she is fulfilling worldwide Indigenous prophecies of the rebalancing of human intention from destructive to constructive within the natural order.

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Patricia Anne Davis, MA

The Blessingway

by Patricia Anne Davis

Blessingwayhozhooji: a ceremony to awaken one to natural order (hozho); choosing constructive and life-affirming choices; healing from intentions and decisions that destroy oneself and others.

Navajo ceremonies do not require a conversion process of taking away the precious child within the natural order, and replacing this spiritual SELF-identity with a deficient self-image that has to be re-mediated to some desired end state of progress.

Once awakened to the natural order, we begin living the loving wayhozhooji: literal translation of the blessingway ceremony as translated by my paternal aunt. It is a way of living in reverent revolution, of making decisions that are constructive and life affirming.

Two main ceremonies: Protectionway and Blessingway

These two main ceremonies offer protection from contaminants like the maladaptive emotions of hate, jealousy, anger, guilt, fear, etc. and toxins from the environment.

Five major ceremonies: As five-fingered people, this corresponds to five major ceremonies that every child in the world could benefit by.

  1. Blessingway: the blessing way honors the divine feminine as a nurturer.
  2. Protectionway: divine masculine as a protector-provider.
  3. Purification and cleansing: numerous with specific names for specific purposes.
  4. Spiritual renewal: a nine-day ceremony for spiritual renewal.
  5. Journey to spirit world: the ceremony for a person on their journey to the spirit world.
For a glossary of the terms above, visit NativeAmericanConcepts.wordpress.com

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The ALTAI FELLOWSHIP is a self-selected international group that has gathered in the Altai Republic in Siberia July-August, 2011 to open an energy portal and transmit this energy out into the world .  The Fellowship will continue Transmitting the Altai Frequencies directly from Altai until August 21st


  • The Gold Star Meditation designed for the Grounding of Altai Energy is now available for replay or download
  • Grounding Groups have activated over 46 Portal Sites worldwide
  • On the New Moon of August 29th, 2011, another Group will be in Ceremony on the Mongolian side of Altai, please continue to connect and ground this energy through this window of time.
  • Become an Altai Supporter. Most of our group work full time in service to Spirit, so travel funds are requested; and Frequent Flier Miles, especially SkyTeam are very helpful. Donations and Altai Fellowship Travel Cap purchases will help fund the future work of the Fellowship in sharing the teachings of Altai through lectures, workshops and retreats.


Altai has been a place of healing and pilgrimage for millennia. They have a well-known prophecy that “out of Altai will come hope for the world.” Dare we hope that this event is the beginning of the fulfillment of that prophecy? Altai is also known as a place from which the gates of Shambhala can be accessed.

There are numerous explanatory articles, reports, slide shows, and videos linked to the home page at http://www.AltaiMir.org. Details about the traveling there are found at www.AltaiMir.org/trekinfo.htm. Also, substantial logistical as well as channeled information is available on this blog with a password, which can be passed to you by any of the participants.

We understand that this is a gate to Shambhala, which is the enlightened spiritual governance of Planet Earth by “Light Beings,” through the vehicle of the heart. This gate was apparently closed when planetary governance shifted from spiritual to material at some point in the distant past. We understand that the opening of the gate will indicate the shift back to spiritual governance from the heart in conjunction with the “ascension” of Earth and all her children to a higher consciousness.

Two overlapping groups have been  interacting to prepare for and implement the opening: the Trekking Group that has ceremony in sacred places around Altai for the purpose of harmonizing ourselves with the fabled Altai energy; and the Second Wave, which has opened the energy portal on August 13 and is continuing to transmit the accessed energy for the next week, flooding the Earth’s unified field with life force to enable The Great Shift to spiritual governance from the heart.

In this process, we will actively collaborate with both indigenous Altai people and Native Americans. Indigenous elders from various “tribes” have stepped forward to join the groups in Altai.

To optimize the flow that is accessible at this time, humans around the world are called to ground the energy into the Earth (similar to an electrical circuit).


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