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By Carol Hiltner with Maia Rose channeling

In 1999, I answered a call by Light Beings to go trekking in the sacred Altai Mountains in Siberia. During more than a decade of spiritual initiation, I went back every year. In 2006 and 2011, when I took groups, Maia Rose went along. For both of us, the journeys were initiations of “remembering our Oneness.”

We met several different types of spirit guides, including a male Siberian Bigfoot named J., who helped Maia “ground” me when, in 2011, I was so overwhelmed by the flow of cosmic energy there that I could not stand up.

Recently, it was suggested that she and I help each other to share our spiritual awakening. On October 12, 2013, we convened to ask our guidance team about this process. Present were: L. and M., male and female members of the White Brotherhood; J. and the Old One, Altai Almysi (Bigfoot); the avatar Anastasia; and two of Maia’s personal guides. Archangel Michael and St. Germaine were called in for assistance. I anchored Maia while she spoke with our guides. J. was the being who communicated for the guidance team. In this transcription of our session, I mark with italics the times when the guides are communicating telepathically with Maia.


Carol: Remember, in 2010, when I got bitten by a tick during my solo trek and I had to be evacuated by helicopter because of possible encephalitis infection? What was that whole drama about?

J.: There’s a part of the Anastasia books[1] where bugs bite Vladimir. They were removing toxins from his body. That’s what happened for you, too. The toxins your tick released were both physical and psychic. Another purpose was to make you more aware of your body and to care for it. Honor it as your vehicle; give it unconditional love and gratitude cell by cell. You and that tick had a contract. You were bound to meet and biting you was that tick’s job. It was giving you acupuncture, providing you the opportunity to walk through some karma with love, which you did.

Carol: We can have contracts with ticks? And I should also love the tick?

J.: Right.

Carol: Thank you, tick. Did I have a contract with the helicopter, too? Because I physically could not get up the steps into the chopper. I had to be pushed and lifted. The tick didn’t cause that. And then, the noise of the helicopter was crazy-making. I kept my hands over my ears for the whole ride. And afterwards, I was disoriented for days. I was embarrassed by my reaction, because I was not injured to that extent.

J.: But you were injured. It just wasn’t currently. You were reacting to a past-life military trauma. Your experience was amped up because the helicopter was in Altai’s higher vibrational energy. So, instead of spending 25 years walking through that karma, you cleared it in that one helicopter ride. That’s why it was so intense.

Carol: After being treated for the tick bite, I went back into the wilderness. I finally got grounded again when a chipmunk came and put her paw on my boot—her right paw on my right boot.

J.: The chipmunk was doing Reiki on you. On the right side, she was healing masculine trauma—military structure, oppression, “do it this way,” father stuff, rigidity. The chipmunk pulled that energy down, so it could go out your foot and into the ground. And even though you didn’t see any Bigfoot people when the tick and chipmunk were working on you, we were around. It was all a coordinated effort.

[Maia hiccups, which is how her body responds to vibrational energy increases.] Maia: Oh, J. is flooding me with love. He wants to remind me how it feels.


Maia: So, I also have a “what happened” question. Remember, on the way home from Altai in 2011, I got caught in Hurricane Irene in New York? I’m still dealing with the emotional consequences, even after two years.

I’ve worked on this, but I admit that I’ve held some resentment toward you—of the “if only” variety. If only you hadn’t finally lost your cool with the group and yelled at us, then I wouldn’t have switched to Layla—one of my child personalities. If that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have missed my flight, and if that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have been delayed four days by the hurricane. If that hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t feel like I lost my best friend. What was all that about?

J.: Like Carol’s tick and helicopter, the hurricane enabled you to go through a karmic process faster. When you have a speedy clearing, it is more intense. You and Carol had a soul agreement that she would yell. That brought out Layla. You should thank Carol for it.

Maia: Thank you, Carol. I haven’t been truly appreciative of that. You were the precursor of the New York hurricane when you made a verbal “hurricane” in the kitchen in Ust Koksa.

Before that, when we were at the camp in Altai and there was so much drama, I was observing it all, but I wasn’t in it. I was in a 5-D space. I felt so close to J. and all the spirit guides and so connected with our group. After you yelled, I was in the drama, not observing. It seemed like the guides all left me. I wondered, “What did I do wrong? Why did they leave?” But now, I don’t think they left me. I left them. I crashed headlong back into 3-D and could no longer sense what was in 5-D.

Carol: You had to do exactly that to heal and integrate Layla. But why are we still doing this, when we know all the guidelines. We know about unconditional love.

J.: It’s not enough to know about it. You need to make it a spiritual practice and do it.

Maia: In Altai, I set out an intention to stay in the 5-D energy of the mountain after I came back to sea level.

J.: The hurricane had a soul contract with you (and obviously lots of other people) to remind you to practice unconditional love.

Maia: Layla, one of my inner personalities who is seven years old, came out and blended with my normal personality as a result of being startled by your yelling. Although I didn’t switch completely and have a time loss, her thoughts, feelings, and decision-making dominated the rest of my personality. When I was informed in New York that I had not only missed that evening’s flight, but would also be delayed four days before I could get back home to Seattle, I had the thoughts and feelings of a young child. I began to cry uncontrollably. I called my best friend Q. for help. But she got caught up in my drama, which created tensions in our relationship.

J.: You and Q. love each other so much, on a soul level, that you agreed to do this together. You walked through your karma in New York. But she also has an opportunity to walk through her own karma, and you may not interfere.

You should love Carol for letting Layla out. She was stuck. It’s all in divine order. Nobody was bad. Nobody was wrong. You have walked through this karma with love, but you can’t walk through Q.’s karma for her. Shine love on her and be patient. Being lovingly detached from the people you love the most is the hardest.

Carol: What do you need, Maia, to let go of suffering and the feeling of separation around Q.?

Maia: To know that I’m worth love. To know that, as a little girl, it wasn’t my fault. I didn’t make those people treat me that way. I felt all alone.

J: As a soul being, you volunteered to experience trauma and heal from it, and to become a spokesperson for healing.

Maia: This is the first time that I’ve received this confirmation. I was shown this after the 2006 trip, but had some doubts. I’d better get busy and prepare for this.

J.: The most profound things are simple. The way you walk through karma is with love. You make karma when you take something personally, get mad, or blame others when you make violence of any kind. Karma is a blockage of love. Each time you have a karma opportunity, everyone has agreed ahead of time on a spiritual level to try to walk through it in love.

Carol: So even though I created karma by yelling…

J.: If you walk through it, unconditionally loving yourself and everyone involved, you release it.

Carol: Is there anything I can do to help you with the hurricane?

J.: She could tell you again of her great love for you, but I think you already know that.

Lost Keys

Maia: Any drama is karma, so what’s your next drama?

Carol: A while back, I lost my car keys. I walked into a store to get one item. I picked it up, paid for it, went back to my car, and my keys were lost. For a long time, I understood that I shouldn’t replace them. What’s with my keys?

Maia: I’m getting the words, “keys to the kingdom.” Keys are a symbol. When I encounter a symbol, I ask it what its message is.

Carol: Okay, keys, what’s your message?

J.: Don’t put us down where you can’t find us again.

Carol: Where did I put you down?

J.: In the store, but that doesn’t really matter. You have keys inside you—learnings that are keys—and you set them down. As you’ve come back from Altai, you’ve set down some integral keys where you couldn’t find them.

Carol: Yes, I have. I couldn’t hold onto them and still function.

J.: You left the keys in the store because there is something “in store” for you when you find them again.

Maia: Now they look like piano keys—black and white.

J.: They’re about the dark and the light.

Carol: I’ve been working with another psychic to understand my helicopter drama, but instead, an ancient Bigfoot elder is giving us seven keys. I’ve just received the third one.

J.: If you don’t want to lose your physical keys, work on these seven keys. Put them in your book.[2]

Carol: Yes, I’m working on them.

Maia: It’s interesting to see how something so simple has a profound meaning and how the universe cooperates to show us things.

J.: Now we come back to the same theme—any time there is drama, it is karma. You lost your keys because you had karmic resistance to the flow. So, walk through karma in love. Never blame yourself or the keys. Go back and pick them up. Love yourself for needing a break. Don’t blame yourself. Don’t blame circumstances. Walk through karma in love. Walk through drama in love, because drama is karma. Even if it’s people having drama around you, it’s your karma if you are there. You can say, “Oh, I’m in drama! It’s a love opportunity.” And the more karma you walk through in any lifetime, the less you’ll have to do in the next. And the less the planet will have to do.

Maia: The more we get to the 100th monkey, the easier the planetary shift will be.

Carol: The easier our own monkey business will be.

Maia: J. likes that one. He has a very simian-looking face. You know how sometimes people think the Bigfoot people are a race between monkeys and humans?

Carol: So, the 100th Bigfoot?

J.:  No, we’ve done it already. It’s your turn. Not even the monkeys need it. They’re actually your teachers. All the plants and animals are your teachers.

Carol: And we think we’re at the top of the heap.

Maia: We’re at the top of the food chain, not the heap.

Carol: That’s because we’ve forgotten that we are all connected.

J.: You finally came full circle and got to the main point. Thank you, Carol. Forgetting is the biggest karma of all. Your big and little examples of karma/drama are related to the main karma/drama of life on Earth today: you have forgotten your divinity, your true nature and true abilities—your Oneness.

Walk through the forgetting in love. Love is the restoration of Oneness.


Maia Rose is available for personal readings and for animal Reiki/pet communication at 206-652-0655.

[1] The Ringing Cedars series by Vladimir Megre, translated into English by Dr. Leonid Sharashkin. About an avatar named Anastasia who lives in the Siberian taiga north of the Altai Mountains. http://www.RingingCedars.com

[2] I’m currently writing a book, Off the Map, about my 2010 solo Altai trek.

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In cities around the world people are gathering in expression of the Unity Consciousness of the New Age.

We are calling you to participate in this process by working to clear your inner and outer planes of all disharmony.  The energy released this summer from the Altai Mountain Cache is intended for this purpose.  We see clearly the impact this influx has had on the Collective Human Conscience in it’s great awakening.

This spiritual awakening is accelerating in momentum with peak experiences projected for several dates:  October 28, November 11, December 21, 2011.

Our greatest contribution to this process is to apply the purifying energies of transmutation and replenishment into this strengthening field to prevent the misdirection of anger and to protect the fledgling field from disruption.

You are the hands and hearts of Mother Earth.

You are tasked with the purpose of incubation and protection of the infant state of the fifth dimensional frequencies of human expression on the Ascending Earth.

You have heard this many times before.  Let this be a reminder of how important your strength of spirit is at this time of awakening.  Maintaining equilibrium in harmonious  connection with Gaia is the most powerful contribution you can make at this time.  Your heartfelt participation is vital.

Whatever means you are comfortable with to help you connect with Gaia in her fifth dimensional ascension will accomplish your purpose.  All that is important is that your mind is in equilibrium as you connect and that peace fills your heart.

Do no fear, do not despair, do not succumb to doubt or sorrow.  Be of strong faith and application of will in your task now.  Witness the expansion of light as we rejoin with you.  The veil has lifted, sight has been restored.  You are blessed beings of unquenchable light.

Know this is true.  Feel it in your heart.  And so it is.

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At the meeting of Novosibirsk meditators was a medical doctor. As we discussed the energy-induced headaches that various people had gotten, and how drinking extra water helped, this doctor explained that headaches are a symptom of mercury poisoning, and that drinking water also alleviates those headaches.

She went on to explain that the reason the health and life expectancy of the Altai people is so poor is that mercury (among other things) is a common mineral in Altai. She discovered this as a result a relative of hers dying in Altai of mercury poisoning at age 46.

We understood that the minerals in the Altai Mountains were useful to contain the energy cache, and the mountains are well known to be rich in minerals. Another example: at the end of our ride across the Ukok Plateau, the Fellowship was VERY disappointed to discover that the “warm springs” at which we ended our trip were not warm in temperature, but warm with radioactive radon gas that seeps and bubbles up out of the ground.

Then she explained that, where there are minerals that are toxic to humans, HERBS grow that contain antidotes. She particularly mentioned “Golden Root,” which is a much sought-after liver tonic that grows only high in the Altai Mountains. She also mentioned “talkhan,” which is toasted, ground barley that is added, with local milk, to traditional Altai tea. However, instead of using local herbs for the tea, people are using black tea, which is counterproductive.

A couple of Altai elders have said to me that the reason the Altai people are so sick was that they have left their traditional foods

They are eating mainly sheep (which is traditional) and processed foods. Altai Mir University’s projects to support traditional Altai livelihoods (especially village food production of honey and herbs) have been based partially on this information. The projects are also based on the idea that an informed, healthy population base is necessary to support the stewardship of the sacred lands.

I was amazed at the simplicity and profundity of this doctor’s idea:

EAT THE LOCAL HERBS and get healthy!

I have put this doctor in contact with Svetlana Katynova, our Altai miracle worker, who has the contacts and influence to get the ear of the Altai Ministry of Health. Oh, such a gift this information is!!!


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Hi all!

You may have noticed that, beginning almost immediately after August 13, I was out of my body a lot. After the Fellowship left, on August 26, I was completely nonfunctional, unable to eat, or even to drink for a couple of days. When I finally “came to,” I ached all over and was completely weak. Marina Tyasto’s group, who were planning to come to Tyungur, but could not at the last minute, meditated in  Novosibirsk for the two weeks after August 13. They had many wonderful shifts of energy. They were also tracking me personally, and were surprised that, as they described it, my vibratory level was jumped considerably.

When I asked “inside” what was happening, I was told that my vibratory level had been increased to that of my “higher self,” which was apparently a soul agreement that was made. (Apparently due to conditions on Earth), I would not have been able to open the energy cache if I had been born at the vibratory level that I have “earned,” so

when the cache was opened, my vibratory level was “restored.”

I understand that this has not been done with a human body before (although it will be done in the future, with others), and it resulted in a massive physical healing crisis, as all of the energy blockages from the lower frequency were basically emptied into my body. And, most frustrating of all, my personality was still operating at the lower frequency — like a bird staying in the cage when the door is opened.

Gradually, that too is shifting.  My friends here have been nursing me back to health, and I am finally in a condition that I will be able to travel. Today is the first day I have been able to use the internet myself. Someone else wrote my messages before today. I will need at least another month of recovery time, alone, once I get back to Seattle.

Regarding on-going interaction with the Altai energy, it is my understanding that

a massive amount of life force has been released onto the Earth’s grid, and that the function of humans is to ground this energy.

I understand that it will take about a year for this energy to be grounded, and that the vibratory level of both the “grounding person” and the Earth is increased as the energy is grounded.

The Gold Star Meditation may be useful for you as a way of connecting, or you may make the connection in any way that feels effective to you.

Regarding the situation in Altai itself,  although the vibratory level in Altai is very high, Altai is, perhaps even for that reason, faced with serious attacks on its sacred lands, especially the Ukok Plateau, which is threatened with both a gas pipeline (held up from its 2011 construction date only by the inability of China and Russia to agree on a price for gas) and an international trade corridor to China (which is the more serious threat at this point).

We humans have tremendous creative power,

and the people of Altai have. this summer, put out an urgent call for help of any kind in sustaining the integrity of the sacred lands for which they are the stewards. If you would like to be practically involved (letters, fund-raising for legal costs, etc), contact Jennifer Castner at jennifer@jennifercastner.org.

Love to you all, and thank you for joining me on this amazing adventure!!

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About 5 hours ago:

Russian Spaceship Crashes After Failed Launch

A robotic Russian space freighter headed for the International Space Station crashed into the Altai Republic near the border with China today after the third stage of its Soyuz launch vehicle failed about six minutes after launch…The Progress space freighter was carrying about three tons of supplies and equipment to the International Space Station.

NASA International Space Station Program Manager Mike Suffredini said the engine powering the stage inexplicably cut off five minutes and 50 seconds after blastoff from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The rocket failed to reach orbit and instead crashed into the remote, mountainous republic, which is located in central Asia at the juncture of Siberian forests, the steppes of Kazakhstan and the semi-deserts of Mongolia.

A thunderous blast from the crash broke windows in surrounding areas but there were no immediate reports of casualties. About 25 percent of the republic is covered with forests.

We are called to reaffirm our connection with the high mountain grid, give gratitude for Mother Earth’s desire and ability to protect herself and us, her beloved children, from any harmful impacts the contents of this ship contained.

Please connect with any of the 50 portals already activated and return the pristine activation energies back to Mt Belukha and the entire Altai range.  Activate the purifying Ultraviolet light to cleanse and purge the entire pathway of the rocket and it’s landing site.  Then heal the area and all the peoples there with the golden light of replenishment, surrounding the entire Earth.

You can use the Gold Star Meditation as guidance or whatever healing tradition you are comfortable with.

Many thanks for your working the Light of Truth on this Earth.

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Great Dividing Range that flows north/south throughout the state of N.S.W. in Australia.

I live on a mountain plateau called the Bulgong, north west of the main town, Taree.  You can google it through Google Earth.  When I located it, it said Sun Ray’s Elands, which really blew my mind, as I am a member of the Children of the Sun and do Ascension work with their group energy.  My last name is also Sun.  When I finally was able to bring up a photograph of what the Sun Ray’s meant (poor grammer actually!), it showed shafts of sun light in a forest grove – so lovely.

A  group of five people, all light workers, gathered at our trig point which has a 360 degree view north, south, east and west at 11.11 a.m. our time, on August 13

We invoked the Great Divide from Mt. Warning in the North to Mt. Kosciusko in the South as well as our own Plateau and its many peaks.  We anchored, north, south, east and west.  I felt the energy strongly and whilst not a seer myself, Veronica said the gold light intensified continuously and you can see on the pix, the rainbow lights from the Sun.  I will continue grounding for the rest of the week.  Blessings and immense gratitude to you all for the powerful and wonderful work you are doing for the Earth’s Ascension.

Namaste, Dekyong.


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Altai Fellowship Summer of 2011 Transmitting until August 21st

Another group is ascending into Altai from the Mongolian side for a ceremony on the New Moon of August 29th.

Follow up  message from returning Altai Trekkers

August 21st @ 6pm PDT

Call in information: (712) 775-7000 

Participant Access Code:  439053#

Gold Star Meditation Replay and Download Available Now

Please email questions for Trekkers to peaceisinpieces@gmail.com before August 19th

TO BE ANNOUNCED:  Fall Retreat with Patricia and other Fellowship Members in Puget Sound, WA, USA

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