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Image The sacred Katun River — known as the “Mother of the World” — flows through Altai from its source at Mt. Belukha. This photo is from last summer, just after I swam in its icy waters.
Altai is now in deep-freeze — at -30 degreesso this is a good time for reviewing, celebrating, and planning. We’ve got lots of little goodies to cheer up your winter!


  • A HUGE thank you to all of you who made 2011 such a spectacularly successful year. The Altai Mir University 2011 Annual Report is online with a summary of our year’s activities.
  • grounding life forceI remind and encourage you to continue to download the life force that was released onto the planetary energy grid last August. Most of us who were present in Altai got a very clear demonstration of the healing power of this energy. When you ground this energy through yourself into the Earth, it powerfully releases the disease-generating energy blocks in your body. I imagine it like a waterfall on my head and shoulders.
  • Riding the Golden DragonCurt DuBois and Cyndy Sheldon of the Bellingham IONS club put music to my slide-show about Altai. The music is the throat-singing that we recorded this past summer. Check it out!


  • snow leopardExplore the Irbus Ecotour FaceBook page. A coalition of indigenous Altai, Tuvan, and Mongolian peoples is organizing a first-ever transboundary ecotourism route focusing on the habitat of the snow leopard. There are links to some nice videos. 
  • It is now 2012, woohooo! and I must admit that the anticipated energy shifts are well underway in my reality. Stay tuned for a new batch of my visionary paintings, which are in process now.


  • young throat-singersSvetlana Katynova, our main Altai liaison, says there is a new group of talented young throat-singers The teenagers we help come out of subsistence situations, and will only be able to continue their education with outside help. Please sign up to donate a modest amount monthly.
  • A major goal of Altai Mir University is the sharing of traditional wisdom for the welfare of humanity. This Hopi message is powerful and life-affirming.
  • On March 20th, I plan to participate in the fourth gathering in San Francisco of the Altai Alliance — a coalition of American nonprofit organizations working in Altai. We will coordinate our efforts to optimize our effectiveness and minimize our “footprint.” Two to three of our main Altai liaison people are brought over for the meeting to guide us, ensuring that our plans are actually helpful.
  • index~~element36On March 24-25, an open Women’s Grassroots Conference is being held in Seattle, with internet connection for online participation by out-of-towners. The agenda will be set by the participants.

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Message from Matthew

November 5, 2011

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  Along with you, we have been observing the steady progress of the light as the Occupy movement spread in the United States and on to other countries, and the spirit of freedom that inspired “Arab spring” continues. Even people who do not know that these major developments are due to the higher frequencies along Earth’s ascension pathway do realize that your world is significantly and rapidly changing.
And soon the momentum is going to increase. There are “time pockets” in the celestial calendar that are especially advantageous for energy surges, and one such will be in a few days, 11/11/11.  The surge, which for Earth will be a forward thrust in her journey, will affect people differently. Those who are unbalanced by being immersed in the low vibrations of negativity will experience upsetting physical and emotional jolting.  Lightworkers, including the millions who don’t identify themselves as such, will feel a sense of upliftment as they flow in the accelerated pace of the universe.
Truths and reforms will be catapulting into your midst as there can be no more delays in the highest universal council’s master plan to free your planet of millennia of dominance by darkness.  That is why efforts to strengthen the European economy will not prevent the imminent collapse of the global economy, which has long been controlled by the Illuminati. It is why local, state, provincial and national governments will accede to the citizens’ demands for betterment of their lives, and why wars and other violence will wind down.
For a bit longer the Illuminati will continue countering all progress toward dramatic changes with such distractions and disruptions as their black ops terrorism, stock market shenanigans, bribing or threatening politicians, limited resumption of chemtrails in some areas, weather control, and of course fear-filled disinformation.  Since the light continually is intensifying on the planet, it is logical to wonder why they are able to keep going. The answer is fear.
The many people who are fearful about what is happening in the moment and what lies ahead unwittingly are aiding the Illuminati by emanating the fear energy that those dark ones need to sustain their very being. With the knowledge that the Golden Age on your near horizon already exists in the continuum, you can feel serene—well, serene and excited!—and the high vibrations of your feelings will radiate out into the world.  Earth’s perpetual balancing motion will enable your light to reach those who need it to overcome their fears.
Lightworkers’ steadfastness, the light from all who are awakening, and our universal family’s services are fast weakening the Illuminati’s last remnants of power.  In the coming year, their formidable forces that have prevented U.S. President Obama from fully acting on his light-filled mission will be torn away and truths revealed about the extent of the power bloc that has derailed or distorted his reform efforts.  It will become known as well that behind the scenes he has been cooperating with the evolved souls from other civilizations, and you will see his effectiveness in working with other leaders to bring about stability and harmonious relations among all nations.
The triumphant result of Earth’s free will choice to enter fourth density very shortly before or after the end of 2012 has been assured from the beginning of her ascent out of deep third density 70-some years ago.  In her love for each and every soul, she would like all to accompany her, but this is a matter of every person’s free will choice. Our awareness of individual and collective consciousness of Earth’s residents lets us know that most of them don’t understand free will. This topic has long been a matter of philosophical and theological discussions, but without knowing the origin and the purpose of free will, there cannot be any understanding of it.
This lack of knowledge has given rise to questions and comments sent to my mother.  I asked her to locate some and insert them at this point in our message.
How can a merciful God let so many of His children suffer horribly? Why does God give precedence to the free will of the dark ones over the free will of light beings?  Why does God let terrible things happen to good people who don’t deserve it? God is all-powerful and he could get rid of all the darkness, so why doesn’t he? Free will doesn’t exist—life is predestined by the karma we accrue. If God really is a loving God, why won’t He let efforts to bring peace in the world succeed? Maybe what the Bible says about a vengeful God is right, but not everyone is disobeying His laws so why do billions have to pay for what a few are doing? And: The litany of horror continues unabated. Every day we hear news of yet another outrage—manipulation of people’s minds, mass theft, invasions, imprisonment, deliberate starvation, rape, child molestation, slavery, torture, even attempted genocide. And still a thunderous silence from ‘supreme HQ.’  Why?
Clarity about free will and karma is vitally important, not only because many souls are searching for answers to those kinds of questions, but because understanding the cosmic principles that govern life in this universe is the key to ascending with Earth or bypassing this unprecedented opportunity.
We shall tell you about free will, the right to choose, and its inseparable component of manifestation, the ability to make whatever can be imagined; how darkness came into what was intended to be the ultimate gift to all souls; and karma, unlimited opportunities for souls to attain the balanced experiencing needed to evolve spiritually and intellectually.
It all began with Creator’s first expression of Itself—the “Big Bang”—that created the Christed realm and the archangels. Out of Creator’s infinite love for Its first souls, at some point It bestowed upon them free will and its inherent ability to co-create—they could use the energy of Creator’s love-light essence to manifest whatever they could think of.  In the beginning, this worked in perfect purity.  The archangels thought to make the next realm of angelic beings, and using Creator’s energy, they produced souls who, like themselves, were of only love-light energy and awareness.
After unknown ages, the archangels made gods and goddesses, some of whom were pure energy like their co-creators and others had form potential. The potential enabled the manifestation of materials with substance, or density, that let souls produce whatever forms they could imagine, and they co-created the universes that comprise the cosmos.  Creator selected the gods and goddesses to rule over the universes, and one of the gods, whom many of you call God, became the ruler of this universe.
Throughout those eons of co-creating, all manifestations whether of energy only—the archangels, angels and some gods and goddesses—or in form, other gods and goddesses and the universes—were of Creator’s pure love-light essence.  And because all souls’ Beginnings are and eternally shall be in Creator, It wanted all souls throughout the cosmos to have the same privilege as the first ones, and It so decreed that the selected gods and goddesses have the right and responsibility to establish laws governing their respective universes, but they are bound to honor Its cosmic laws that include free will.
Somewhere along the line, after creating materials for both humans and animals were available, free will got out of hand—you know that as the story of Lucifer and his band of fallen angels. They started combining the two kinds of materials to produce intelligent half-human, half-animal creatures such as the centaurs, satyrs, mermaids and mermen and others mentioned in your mythology. Some were designed to do work that humans could not do or didn’t want to, such as swiftly carrying messages or working underwater, and others were made simply to be ferocious, like dragons on land or in the seas.  Since there was then no DNA programming for aging, those intelligent creatures could live in misery for thousands of your calendar years.
The more Lucifer and his followers delighted in making those kinds of life forms, the farther they fell from the light.  When some realized that they were misusing their gift of free will, they returned to manifesting in the light.  Others kept producing the creatures of their deprived ideas, creating denser and denser energy as their light kept dimming until only the spark of connection to Creator that was their life force remained. The negativity created by their thoughts and deeds and the agony of all the creatures they made formed the massive powerful force field called the “dark forces.”
It is from that source that souls anywhere in this universe who have proclivity toward greed, ruthlessness and lust for power become puppets of that abject darkness.  In recent times this scientific principle of interaction that is from Creator has become known as the law of attraction, or “like attracts” like.  The energy of souls’ dark thoughts and desires attracts the same kind of energy in that vast field of negativity and brings it into the souls’ lives, their worlds and their worlds’ collective consciousness.  That is what happened to Earth. After being populated, the planet that once was known throughout this universe as a paradise and one of God’s favored creations became engulfed in the negativity brought by those civilizations.
Only Creator can amend Its laws, and in the case of free will, It has done so twice. In antiquity, the densest, or darkest, souls used their free will not only to capture weaker souls, but also to usurp those weaker souls’ free will.  That created such an imbalance between the light and the darkness throughout the cosmos that to regain the balance essential to keep the motion of all bodies relatively steady, Creator decreed that the darkest souls must restore to the captive souls their free will. And so they did, but those souls that were so long deprived of exercising free will were easily manipulated by the darkness until they started accepting the light constantly offered.
Creator’s second exception is that never again can nuclear weaponry be used in space because of the devastating damage this has done to souls—not bodies, but souls—and if such is attempted, the ruler of that universe is empowered to prevent it. That is why, by God’s authorization, our space family near Earth has prevented the dozen or so Illuminati attempts at nuclear terrorism since September 11, 2001.
In all other instances when free will is used to intentionally cause havoc, devastation, death and suffering, the rulers of the universes are not permitted to interfere. So, while it may seem that God is allowing the free will of dark ones to prevail over the free will of lighted souls, never is that so!  He would like life on Earth to be in love and peace, but He cannot stop those who are intent upon working against that kind of world. And because every soul in this universe is a part of Him and He loves all of his soul-parts unconditionally, He doesn’t side with one over another.
Mother, please locate parts of your talks where God explains this and insert them here.
“In one stage of my Totality, I was purely light and love.  Then parts of my creations descended into the darkness Matthew refers to, but they were nonetheless inseparable parts of my whole.  And thus they remain.” ….
“As for ‘progress’ on Earth, I weep with each soul who is suffering in any way and I rejoice with each soul who is feeling joy. I am the soul of all of the ‘worst’ and all of the ‘best,’ so I cannot be inseparable from the ‘best’ and not be inseparable from the ‘worst.’ Am I happy about what I see happening on Earth? For those who are happy, yes, I am too. For those who are worrying that their tyrannical power is diminishing, I feel that, too.”  ….
“You are worried that I’m taking sides, or better said, can’t take sides.  Then who better to set you straight, my child?  I am as much the gentleness and searching and on the lighted pathway as you wish to be, yet there is the part of me that equally is, and cannot deny, that soul whose interests and actions and motives are what you call evil.  I am not separate from that soul, and whatever that soul does and all of its effects, however ‘ungodly,’ as you think, become within my composite and are an inseparable part of me.  So, to say that I could ‘take sides’ of myself is just plain unscientific, isn’t it?” ….
“Would I like to see the ‘Total’ of Earth life in peacefulness, love, sharing, caring and service one to another?  ‘Of Course I Would!’  But do I have the power to snap a finger and have this be so?  You know I do ‘Not!’  So I send my love and light everywhere, to every soul, and I may as well rejoice in the pockets of light rather than dwell in the pockets of darkness and weep, you see.”
 [The excerpts are from “Talks with God” in Illuminations for a New Era.]
Thank you, Mother.
The ultimate goal of every soul is reintegration with God and Creator, and the return to our Beginnings requires balance.  In Creator’s infinite love for all souls, It devised a means whereby they could regain balance after becoming imbalanced by their free will choices.  This means is known as karma.  It is a misperception that karma is punishment for being “bad” or a reward for being “good.”  Karma is the scientific principle of cause and effect whereby balance can be attained or regained. A preponderance of negativity creates drastic imbalance, and whether in one soul or the cosmos, the energy of light is what restores balance.
As a part of God, each of you affects the balance of the Oneness of All.  And this brings us to multiple lifetimes and the cumulative soul—or “parent soul,” you could say—that is the composite experiencing of all its physical lifetimes, or the personage lives that you call reincarnation. Each personage is and always shall be its independent, eternal, inviolate soul-self as well as being an inseparable part of the cumulative soul, wherein each personage’s lifetime free will choices affect all the other personages.  If their collective experiencing causes the cumulative soul to get out of balance, karma is the opportunity for “future” personages to fill gaps or strengthen weaknesses so the cumulative soul and all of its personages can achieve balance and move forward in evolvement.
During the long ages when Earth’s planetary body and her successive populations were embedded in negativity, duality and divisiveness reigned and almost all personages incurred serious karmic lessons. For instance, a person who gained wealth and position at others’ expense refused to help ones who were impoverished; to balance that lifetime, the cumulative soul’s next personage chose to experience severe deprivations. The same principle applies to a bellicose, conquering mind-set.  But deep third density, where darkness flourishes, is a hard taskmaster, and a cumulative soul could have hundreds or more personage lifetimes learning to overcome the magnified energies of greed, lust for power and cruel nature.
Now let us put free will, manifesting and karma into this unique time in the universe when souls may accomplish in only one lifetime what otherwise could take many, many more.  Billions of souls wanted to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to complete third density karma so they could spiritually and intellectually evolve into fourth density, and they chose in their soul contracts to experience great hardships that would balance other lifetimes.  A few individuals, comparatively speaking, could provide the circumstances that would allow those masses of souls to experience their choices.
We have recounted before that when that mass karma had been completed, those individuals reneged on their agreement to join the light, so we aren’t going to repeat the details. However, because it is uplifting to know, we do say again that the many millions who endured more than they had chosen petitioned at soul level to leave prior to completing their contracts, and their petitions were granted.  Those souls are credited with contract completion, and along with beaming light to the planet from Nirvana, they are evolving spiritually.
Free will applies equally to circumstances far less profound than those souls chose. In your pre-birth agreement, which is made with souls’ unconditional love for one another and is designed to benefit all who want to share your lifetime, you chose your parents for genetic inheritance—health issues, intelligence, talents and other innate abilities—their ancestors, your siblings, degree of nurturing, culture, geographic location, financial means, education. You chose your life partner or partners, children, primary mentors, friends, antagonists and close working colleagues. The matching-up of these many souls who are the most important influences in your life is possible in the continuum, where all lifetimes are happening concurrently.
To accomplish what you and all the other principle participants in the agreement chose, some play harsh or hurtful roles to balance their experiencing at the same time they’re offering you and others in the agreement the opportunity to experience what you and they need to attain balance. Persons who seem unreasonably stern, stubborn, mean-spirited or unfair may be fulfilling their roles to the letter.
Regardless of the role each participant agrees to play, the soul’s messages to the consciousness—conscience, instinct, intuition, inspirations, aspirations—always are aligned with the individual’s soul contract that is his or her part of the agreement provisions.  Ignoring those messages lets the person detour in minor or considerable ways from the agreed upon role.  No one knows what is in his own contract or in anyone else’s, but you can adhere to your “unknown” choices by acting and reacting according to the messages’ guidance.
With that understanding, rather than feeling resentful, bitter, judgmental or angry—emotions that emit the low vibrations that cause imbalance—you can feel patience, gratitude and forgiveness.  Not only will those qualities impart light that helps you stay in balance or regain it, but their high vibrations will reach those persons and may soften their behavior and attitudes—doing so may be exactly what you all had chosen in the agreement. To use your expression, that is a “win-win” situation.
Now we shall address a different sort of question about free will and then queries about other issues. Absolutely there is free will in Nirvana! Creator’s law pertains to every soul regardless of its location in the cosmos or whether in a physical civilization or a spirit world. Nirvana residents have the advantage of their cumulative soul’s knowledge, and since balanced experiencing is the aim of all personages, free will choices in their soul contracts are based on that knowledge.
Is the darkness still in control after we die?   Darkness never is in control unless a person invites it!  Experimenting with dark ideas such as satanic practices, giving into the temptations of greed and dishonesty, striving for ever-greater power and obtaining it through tyranny are wide open invitations to the darkness. This is vastly different from a soul agreeing to play a harsh or hurtful role in a pre-birth agreement.
No, ascending with Earth doesn’t require knowing what civilization you are from or how evolved your soul is.
Yes, a soul contract may be amended for a longer physical lifetime than originally chosen.  A soul would request additional time only if it saw an enhanced opportunity to evolve spiritually; and since all requests are made at soul level and are granted or denied at that level, persons cannot know if they are living longer than originally chosen.
Will beloved pets be able to go with people who make it to the Golden Age?  Animals have soul contracts too, and some have lifetime duration clauses that will end prior to Earth’s entry into fourth density.  But overall, the purity of spirit in all Earth’s animals is their ticket to go along.  More obvious changes are happening in their nature than in humans, many of whom are still bogged down in duality. There are increasing instances of cross-species friendship, and even animals you consider predator and prey are starting to meet peaceably when extreme hunger isn’t in the picture.  At one time all animals lived peaceably together and with people, and they will so again during Earth’s Golden Age.
First density life forms cannot be seen in third density worlds, but unless they are primitive life in the depths of Earth’s seas, you can see second density forms. Often these are minute flying insects that are extremely short-lived, but during that time they serve a purpose in the food chain. For souls in the basest level of Nirvana who accepted the light continuously beamed—and it is only a pinpoint because those souls have an intense fear of light—a tiny short-lived insect may be the emergence out of a first density form. Evolving through those lower densities can take many thousands of years in linear time and nearly countless life forms, and in second density, often evolvement is through the insect world where the higher orders have quite an amazing span of instinctive capabilities.
There won’t be three days of darkness on the planet before Earth’s Golden Age begins.  That three-day period is associated with the theory that the planet will enter the photon belt, and your planet isn’t going to be anywhere near that belt.
When will model communities be ready?  Because so much has to take place in the months prior to the end of 2012, including economic recovery after the collapse so funding will be available, it’s likely that no large communities will be ready until the Golden Age is underway. Many individuals and groups around the world have been inspired to establish spiritually-based communities.  Those that are planned to be self-sustaining will include everything necessary for ideal living, from education to health care and farming to cultural resources.
Without addressing the specific issues being questioned, we state that no dire-sounding prognostications or predictions will come to fruition; only ideas, plans and activities that are energetically aligned with the prevailing light intensity can reach  manifestation.
If we knew exactly when the crews who are roving in your skies are going to land, it would be our great joy to tell you. However, since we cannot in this moment do that, what we can say with assurance is that it won’t be much longer—a great deal must be accomplished during the next year and their on-site assistance is part of it. Our family members overhead and those in your midst are in constant contact and all are diligently serving to help you bring to an end the long era of Illuminati control.
Your steadfastness in the light is bringing ever closer that day of meetings and greetings with your brothers and sisters.  Then you will see for yourselves how greatly you are loved and honored by them—and all other light beings in this universe—and the swiftness with which Earth will be restored to her Eden self.  The months ahead will be more joyously dynamic than you can imagine!
Suzanne Ward
[Note from Suzy:  Thank you all who wrote about the October 10th message, which some glitch in the posting program placed incorrectly. My webmaster bypassed the program to put the message where it belongs, but in trying to fix the problem, she ran into a difficulty that made the message inaccessible for a couple of days. No hackers were involved!
While I am visiting family in South America November 9-27, Matthew Books will be closed.  Orders received after the 7th will be filled as soon as possible after the 27th.  Thanksgiving blessings to all.]
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Please create harmony by giving others credit for their work. You may pass these on as long as they are passed on with all information attached.

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Received 10/24/11 by Shanta Gabriel

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by Steve Beckow at stevebeckow.com

We’ve now passed through the first of three important 2011 dates: Oct. 28, 2011. Our attention now goes to the second: Nov. 11, 2011, which Archangel Michael calls the second triple stargate and SaLuSa calls the “love wave.” (1) What do our sources say about the nature, impact, and opportunity of this important event?

What is the 11-11-11 Stargate?

Archangel Michael explains what we can expect on 11-11-11.

“Beloved family of Light, this is a great moment in the Transformation of Planet Earth and the establishment of the New Earth and the Golden Age of Peace and Love. You have reached the Time Portal, or Stargate, that is called 11/11/11, on the 11th of November 2011. It represents a ‘Cosmic Moment’ of Global Awakening and Unity, and the Moment when the ‘Light Codes’ or ‘Cosmic Codes’ of Renewal are received into the Crystalline grids of the Earth. The Reception of the Codes of Renewal will again accelerate the frequencies of the Earth Hologram, allowing for Reconnection with the Seventh Dimension of Consciousness, as the Planet continues on her Journey into the Divine Heart of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

“It is indeed a Moment of Joy and Celebration.” (2)

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles discusses some of the changes happening on that day to the Earth.

“The events of 11-11-11 will be multifaceted and multidimensional, but one of the most significant events involves a quantum shift in Earth’s Crystal Grid System. This is the system that functions within the body of Mother Earth in the same way Humanity’s Chakras, acupuncture meridians, and acupuncture points function in our bodies. The Crystal Grid System is the vehicle through which the Light of God is flowing to increase the energy, vibration, and consciousness of every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of precious Life energy existing on Earth. This is the system through which Earth’s Ascension into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Infinite Light is being victoriously accomplished.” (3)

The Pleiaidian High Council suggest that this stargate will bring important advancements to wayshowers or lightworkers as well. The PHC refer to this event as an “inception.”

“We, like you, can feel the pulsing energies of convergence building around your sphere and we are just so delighted at what each of you, the new earth guardians, are about to experience in yourselves, and witness in each other. …

“The moment that each of you have been waiting for, the moment that we have termed ‘inception’ is approaching. This is heralded by the massive energies precipitated by the opening of the 11:11 stargate portal on 11/11/11. What this means for the way-showers is monumental, for it is this group who will be physically laying the template on earth for all other inhabitants to follow.” (4)

Lauren Gorgo gives added detail on the expected changes to our templates and bio-circuitry:

“Our bio-circuitry is adjusting to incorporate and adapt to the new codes we are already receiving from the upcoming 11:11 stargate portal. The emanations sent forth by the great central sun are encoding our biology with new mandates, new directives.” (5)

The Great Love Wave

SaLuSa calls this massive energy influx “the Love Wave” and says of it:

“There is no doubt that not only time is continuing to speed up, but events important to the necessary changes are also reaching a climax. It bodes well for the immediate period which is highlighted by the Love Wave of 11.11.11. …

“There is a beautiful Light spreading across the Earth that is linking many groups, that are in turn attracting more people. Where some have been unaware of the confrontation between the dark and the Light, there is a stirring within and many are now awakening. That will be helped forward by the powerful surge of energy that 11.11.11 will bring to you all, including Mother Earth.” (6)

On another occasion, he told us that “the Light energies … are ever increasing and bringing calmness to you. They will be growing more powerful by the day, and 11.11.11 will bring about a great leap forward that many will actually experience.” (7)

Through Celia, Archangel Michael said that, as we headed towards 11-11-11, we were “preparing to enter into the first full cycle of Fifth-Dimensional Reality.” He saw these as grand occasions and told us: “Beloved Ones, you are all invited to be present at the Grand Ceremonies of Inauguration of the New Earth Reality on the 11/11/11, the 12/12/12 and the 21/12/12.” (8)

The Impact of the Great Love Wave

SaLuSa told us in late October that, as a result of “the expected energy surge with the coming of 11.11.11 there will definitely be an upliftment, and it remains to be seen how far it goes.” (9) On other occasions, he predicted a “big increase in levels of consciousness” (10) and “a sudden upliftment.” (11) He said that this was important “for the outworking of the final needs to achieve success. It can no longer be delayed and you shall be aware of its commencement.” (12)

The Galactic Federation through Blossom Goodchild also give us a little background on the energetic impact of the energies of 11-11-11. They remind us that these energies are part of periodic packages that are arriving over time for us to assimilate.

“What is to come about in the coming days is a transference of energy that will have you ‘boggled’. You cannot NOT be affected by these ‘waves’ … for they ride on a strength that you will certainly consider to be ‘fruitful’. It shall seem to the physical self of great surges of energy filling the body. It will heighten the senses and can be applied to engage in a deeper form of meditation should the recipient so choose. …

“The energies that are … flowing in shall reside and fluctuate in and around your planet for an exact period of time . The energy is participating in its glory as it assists mankind to rise. When this particular ‘batch’ has infiltrated … then things shall quieten again for a time until it is deemed necessary for the next arrival.” (13)

Lauren Gorgo also reviewed the impact the 11-11-11 energies will have on us.

“Overall, I am hearing that the 11:11 will bring in some robust energies that, depending on where we are on our journey, will either catapult us to freedom or bring us to a new dimension of awareness. In all cases it will be the next level of our personal evolutionary development and this means the biological aspects will need to be addressed…whether we are ascending into an angelic-human or not. Experience has taught us that any energy blast or major portal opening will mean more rest, relaxation and downtime is required. No one looks forward to that but at least we are so beat up by now that its nearly impossible to resist any more. I guess we have that going for us…which is nice.” (14)

SaLuSa predicted that 11-11-11 “might well be the first time that many of you will actually experience a lifting up.”

“It is another reason that your destiny is assured, and illustrates just how much help you are being given. It could be looked upon as the real commencement of Ascension, and as the trigger for many more events planned to carry you forward.” (15)

“It will be the commencement of a new period that will bring more changes in your levels of consciousness. It will continue and put you well on the path to Galactic Consciousness. After all, you are great Beings of Light that are re-claiming your rightful place in the Cosmos. Our task is to see that you do so, and we are about to open up the final pathway to Ascension and beyond.” (16)

Many of us will see our psychic abilities begin to unfold after 11-11-11, SaLuSa says.

“The next key time will be 11.11.11 that can be looked upon as a high point, when some of you will become more psychic and sensitive to the energies around you. For some of you your telepathic abilities will become active, and you will find that you can communicate with both humans and animals.” (17)

In the face of this “great wave of love and joy [that will] sweep over the world,” SaLuSa says, “ barriers between people will quickly come down.” (18) The effect of it on us should help the cause of world peace, he says.

“That elusive world peace should be a lot nearer, and even now few have an appetite to continue the wars that rage at present. Behind that of course is the rising consciousness levels of the people who have stated loud and clear, that enough is enough.” (19)

He tells us that 11-11-11 will prepare us for events that will come fast and thick after this year’s end: “You will start 2012 with an uplifted vibration resulting from 11.11.11, and the changes will come thick and fast thereafter.” (20) From 11-11-11 onward, SaLuSa tells us, “the path should get decidedly easier.” (21)

Help Available

Lauren tells us that these energies may prove a bit challenging to some.

“The Pleiadian High Council would like for us to know that the new human apparatus is well-equipped to handle these changes. However, it may be of benefit for those of who are experiencing great difficulty to embrace the many modalities available to us to assist in easing the transition on our bods, as well as to give a much-needed boost to our emotional and mental well-being.” (22)

She reminds us that help is available to us as we struggle through these changes.

“I am hearing some folks are having trouble assimilating to these new frequencies and for those heavily in the embodiment process, this is just a reminder that we don’t have to suffer thru these changes alone…that help is available should you need it. The PHC say that there are many people here specifically to support us thru these changing times, and that if we don’t utilize these gifts and offerings that we may be robbing ourselves of a great opportunity to not only survive these changes, but to thrive in them. The physical body needs care and nurturing as it is being resurrected into a body of light, but the incoming frequencies do not need to bombard our system in the ways we are accustomed to experiencing them if we open up to the opportunity to be supported.” (23)

As always, lightworkers have a special role to play in events around 11-11-11, as SaLuSa reminds us.

“Events are near to occurring that will immediately attract people’s attention away from the present conditions. They will inject great hope and anticipation of the better times that are soon to be brought about. Lightworkers are very important in this respect as they can help others to understand the goal that lies ahead, bringing answers to the problems that have overwhelmed them. It is therefore important that you spread your knowledge far and wide, as it will uplift those who hitherto had little or no knowledge about it. The feelings of hopelessness need to be replaced by those of hope and certainty in the future.” (24)

To summarize, then, on 11-11-11 we pass through a triple stargate and a great love wave that will be a cosmic moment of global awakening, upliftment, and unity. At that time, the ‘light codes’ or ‘cosmic codes’ of renewal are received into the crystalline grids of the Earth. We can expect to experience massive energies and important changes to our bodies, moods and capacities.

This robust new wave will awaken people, bring new directives to us, and draw us together in our efforts to push back the cabal, free the world, and restore peace. These influxes of energy are designed to arrive in packages, allowing enough time for us to assimilate them. They may challenge some but help is available. Lightworkers will be expected to spread their knowledge far and wide among the ones in this massive influx of energy.


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Our Purpose: Protect and Nurture Unity Consciousness
A New Message from the Illuminated Beings of Altai

Dear blessed beings of unquenchable light,

As you can see clearly in the world around us, the awakening of human consciousness is underway and people are ablaze with a new found purpose. Please enjoy the latest message from the Illuminated Beings of Altai below.

"This spiritual awakening is accelerating in momentum with peak experiences projected for several dates: October 28, November 11, December 21, 2011." – Message from the Illuminated Beings of Altai

October 28th, this coming Friday, is a vital day for continued participation in the grounding of the New Earth energies released this summer to assist the coordinated actions of the rising awareness of humanity to be in concordance with the united intentions of the highest good.

November 11th, beginning at first light in New Zealand, another event is planned with participation from groups around the globe. At 11:00AM in every time zone, participants will contribute to the evolution of life on this planet in unprecedented ways. Read more below.

November 17th, a local event in Bellingham, Washington, Carol Hiltner will share videos, stories and transmissions from Altai in person for the first time since her return. For more information, please visit the Announcement

In December, Carol’s latest paintings will be on display in Seattle with a mini reunion of the Altai Fellowship taking place on December 11th, open to the public. More information will be announced in the coming weeks.

May the blessings of the New Earth continue to purify and bless you in innumerable ways.

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Message from the Wolves

By Julia Griffin


We, the wolves, wish to thank the editor of Spirit of Ma’at for allowing us to speak out of our hearts. It is not often that we are appreciated, or our voice is heard. We have many messages, which are carried by the wind each night, but we hope you can more easily read this message in the shape of letters and words.

Once we -the plants, animals and mankind — spoke one language, known as the language of the heart. We also sang a single song, which was called creation. No creature on the earth has the capacity as does "man" to create. So in the last hours of this final form of the earth, we call to you to remember your amazing ability as a creator.

The wolves speak now, from their hearts, to the souls of man and woman. Once you heard us, as easily as you understand language now. Our hearts spoke, and, together we made great discoveries on the planet called Earth. Once you loved Earth and understood that its substance and your substance were one. Once we spoke an infinite language, which celebrated the song of the earth. That song was called "creation." Today, we will whisper tones of the song, so you can remember who you are; why you came here; and the all you once knew.

Once you saw in color, auras, and knew immediately if a plant or tree was good for you -if it nourished you and how best to use it. Now you use colors as d?cor, not as power. And it is power, not color, which we wish to discuss. Power is necessary to create, and power is needed for discernment. When you believe that good or bad things are happening in the world, you relinquish your power.

Perhaps you will ask: is science not truth or is religion or even metaphysics truth? And we say nothing is truth unless you know it to be so in your heart, otherwise it is only the patter of words and images. Even a common bird sings more truth in its song. The grass, the trees and the animals grow and live in a truth, which is closer to real truth than most of the writings on the planet. (That is not to say that real truth has not been written, mainly we say it is not read or valued.)

Once, you really listened. When the birds sang, you knew the meaning of the song. You could hear the day altered by the sounds of the wind through the grass or trees. The movement of the ants or the growth of a plant spoke to your heart. Once you really felt life -the joy of an icy stream and the pebbles beneath your feet. Nature spoke to you hourly, and you read messages in the clouds.

There are many, many versions of the future. Every day, you choose your truth through your thoughts, not your heart. Man is a creature divided -his mind and heart are separate. We hoped, when the ages changed, you would begin to remember your mind-heart. A mind-heart means the heart and mind are connected, so you no longer speak in two tongues. "Two tongues" means one voice is ego; the other is the heart. One voice means a centered heart. But many, many of you did not remember the connection -you began to dream with fear, not love or joy or hopefulness.

The fear was far too great. So we come now, with our simple words, to remind you of who you really are. Today, tomorrow, the next day-you will create the future by what you read, what you believe and what you say. You are very powerful. You can create great destruction or bring down the grid of sky crossed energies, connecting every home and office. You can destroy the earth-particularly if you spend more time thinking about earth disaster, governments and violence than on the beauty of a walk, the woods, the stars or the call of a hawk, which turn your eyes toward the sky.

How simple our words must seem to you. But you have forgotten that the world turns each day on the axis of a great song, the song of creation, which is sung almost every moment by the wind, the sun, the insects, the birds, the whales, the dolphins, the wolves and coyotes. We take turns singing the song, but each of us repeats the same song. We worry about you -not ourselves-because very few human beings sing the song.

While we understand our words will not be completely understood by many, we ask you to listen with your own heart and remember these teachings. We know our vision is far-fetched to you. Nevertheless, we call to the part of you which once sang the song of creation, and we ask you to remember with the inner fiber of your being. This song is written into your DNA and can never be completely forgotten.

How will you know when you are truly creating? The creatures of the forest will come to your side. You will see deer in subdivisions, bears in the middle of nowhere, strange creatures -either by number of time of the day-who accompany your meditation or deepest thoughts. We hear everything you think. Do you think it is pleasant? No, it is not pleasant or happy, for you have forgotten this particular rhythm-and the happiness of creativity is the true reason you are here.

As this article was in the phase of development, our scribe doubted our message. ("Could it be that man is truly so powerful?" she asked.) Today it is August 23, 2011, and an earthquake shakes Washington, DC. In the past, in your country, earthquakes did not happen in Washington. Today, your earthquake is the result of hatred and anger.

Inwardly, the citizens of your country despise the government for taxes, debt and credit-the loss of an easier life. Outwardly, other countries in the world hate your country for wealth, waste and life style. Are you surprised to find inner and outer hatred have created havoc, chaos and disaster? What are the words you speak? Do you not understand? The earth must take form around the energy you emit.

We, the wolves, shake our heads. We have known you in so many incarnations in so many lands prior to this time. Many of the more advanced souls decided to reincarnate in the United States, where the land spread forever with open plains, forests and seas with great abundance. Many of you reincarnated with strains of pioneers or Native Americans, so your genetics would lead you toward a close relationship with the earth.

It is so odd that you have mastered creation through negative emotions, rather than through creative solutions. Is it not easier to visualize and create a financial solution, than to cause panic or floods or fear? Yet, it is how you run and rule your world. Sadly, we sometimes view you as domestic animals that are afraid of leaving your house or office, who dirty the water and the earth. But we know you are so much more than this. After all, we remember you in the earliest incarnations, when you were god-like and you simply uttered words or held a picture in your mind to create.

Whether or not you return to those times of great creation, love and freedom in nature, we love you. All of nature loves you, regardless of what you do. We do not hate. We remain hopeful.

We call upon you in these last hours and ask you to sit under the stars, to meditate in the morning when dawn touches the world. We ask you to walk through the forest barefoot or to play in a stream. Perhaps, our advice sounds simplistic or perhaps it sounds true; however, when you express love for nature, she can return your love. You will know when you have mastered the lesson, for you will begin to see and feel beauty in your life and your creations.

In closing, we remind you:

1) Sit in nature and dream or meditate. Nature amplifies the thoughts of your heart, putting them into form. Ask the birds, trees and water to shape your heart-thoughts harmoniously and quickly.

2) Look at the stars before you sleep. Remember you and the stars are one. Ask the stars to guide you in your dreams.

3) Ask for awakening and ask for understanding in your role as a creator.

4) See the earth whole and healed. Throw your spirit into the earth’s beauty by gazing at a sunset or a flower. Allow the beauty to radiate throughout your being.

5) Simplify your life. Do less. Dream more. Walk more. Sing.

6) Remember: all of the parts of nature are singing and talking with you. Listen.

7) Live in your body and heart.

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during the grounding time I was at the top of Logan’s Pass, also known as Going to The Sun Highway, in Glacier National Park, Montana.  Lots of Mountains up there from that view point!  (August 13th, Saturday around 3:00 pm. MT time or 2:00 pm. PDT). 

I felt a firm connection shortly after the moon came up which was a bit clouded over because of some wildfire smoke but non the less it was beautiful!  Big and yellow! 

I also took in Rising Wolf Mountain, and Divide Mountain near Two Medicine Lake East Glacier, Park MT.  I gave offerings as per our custom. 

You know, there are many that have gone before us that lay in the Altai mountains, Golden Mountains, such as the Scythians, Mongols and etc.  Ancient People.  If you didn’t already please give them an offering too.

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