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Here is an invitation to participate from Sonja Myriel. I will add that Nina Goncharova is participating in the Altai area and is inviting participation of Russians and Altai people.

Dear fellow lightworkers,

I have been participating in the grounding and connecting of the energies and now I have received a call to open up the ancient energy pathway from Santiago de Compostela straight to the Altai Mountains.

I would like to invite as many people as possible to participate in this transmission on MAY 1st, which is the day of LOVE – and the day for BIG HUG.

For more information follow this link:


I am very much looking forward to connecting to you if you feel the call to participate and would like to ask you all to SPREAD the MESSAGE please to gather along the Camino de Santiago on May 1st – or even go to Santiago de Compostela or the Altai Mountains on that occasion …!

Sending and SEEDING Love and Light and Divine Empowerment,

Sonja Myriel

E-mail: baumso@yahoo.de
URL: http://lightgrid.ning.com

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Carol Hiltner has arrived in Russia to continue the preparation for the Altai Fellowship journey to the sacred portal deep in the mountains.  Please read the following excerpt from a communication with the Illuminated Beings who have shared their great wisdom.  It is time to widen the grid of grounding group participants to bring this blessed energy directly to our community of humankind.

August 13th Portal Opening  

Grounding Groups Worldwide   &    Puget Sound Event

Energy Released from Altai, Siberia
Sending New Earth energy worldwide

Grounding Group meditations and celebrations
of transformation through art music dance

Please join us however you are inspired.

For updates and new tools, please join the Altai Fellowship Email List  or join us on Facebook

Group Leaders, please contact  Karahapinohopono  email: peaceisinpieces@gmail.com

Altai Fellowship worldwide Tele-Events this Summer of 2011

  • Preparatory conference call on July 30th @ 6pm PDT
  • Meditation and Grounding of Altai Energy on August 13th
  • Follow up  message from returning Altai Trekkers August 21st @ 6pm PDT

 Seattle-Area Event

  • Art and Spirit Meditation, Music and Creative Expression Festival – August 13th

So far the workshops we have for the Aug 13th event are:

  • Painting and Collage with Angela Carrie Williams, an expressive arts facilitator who uses reflective collage and process painting with groups and individuals to freely create with.   Inner Spark Arts
  • Crystal Bowls – pending confirmation

Still Looking for:

  • Food Donations
  • Meditative music or chanting groups
  • Spirit Dance DJ
  • Your contribution to Ceremony!

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Patricia Anne Davis

Hello friends of the Whole Earth!
Just to let you know, your donations did get Navaho/Dineh wisdom-keeper Patricia Anne Davis to the Indigenous Women Healer Conference in Peterbouro Canada earlier this month, where her presentation was deeply appreciated.

Now we have another opportunity. Patricia is called to go to Altai this summer to open an ancient energy vortex. We are told that it is a Shambhala gate that will open the way to spiritual governance on Earth once more. We need help to get Patricia there.

TODAY ONLY, we have a matching challenge with GlobalGiving.com to get 200 people to each donate $10, on Wednesday, March 16 before 9pm PDT (Seattle Time). Not only will your donation be matched at 30%, but we are well on the way, with donations already received, to getting the $1000 bonus for having the most donors.

We have won this bonus before (for the Altai people to save their traditional lands). With your help, we can do it again! If you can, leverage your support by asking family members and friends to pitch in too. Go to www.globalgiving.org/projects/support-the-international-altai-expedition/

For more information about the Altai gate opening, see altaifellowship.wordpress.com

Patricia Anne Davis is totally dedicated to service of Spirit and the healing of humanity. An article about her work can be found at www.altaimir.org/DavisVofCFINAL.pdf

With great joy and gratitude!!!

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Altai is more than a placeit is a sacred way of being.

Altai slideshowmap showing Altai

Altai Mir University serves as an global bridge for ancient wisdom and power of Altai.
For further information, see
and www.AltaiBooks.com

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