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Here is an invitation to participate from Sonja Myriel. I will add that Nina Goncharova is participating in the Altai area and is inviting participation of Russians and Altai people.

Dear fellow lightworkers,

I have been participating in the grounding and connecting of the energies and now I have received a call to open up the ancient energy pathway from Santiago de Compostela straight to the Altai Mountains.

I would like to invite as many people as possible to participate in this transmission on MAY 1st, which is the day of LOVE – and the day for BIG HUG.

For more information follow this link:


I am very much looking forward to connecting to you if you feel the call to participate and would like to ask you all to SPREAD the MESSAGE please to gather along the Camino de Santiago on May 1st – or even go to Santiago de Compostela or the Altai Mountains on that occasion …!

Sending and SEEDING Love and Light and Divine Empowerment,

Sonja Myriel

E-mail: baumso@yahoo.de
URL: http://lightgrid.ning.com

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Image The sacred Katun River — known as the “Mother of the World” — flows through Altai from its source at Mt. Belukha. This photo is from last summer, just after I swam in its icy waters.
Altai is now in deep-freeze — at -30 degreesso this is a good time for reviewing, celebrating, and planning. We’ve got lots of little goodies to cheer up your winter!


  • A HUGE thank you to all of you who made 2011 such a spectacularly successful year. The Altai Mir University 2011 Annual Report is online with a summary of our year’s activities.
  • grounding life forceI remind and encourage you to continue to download the life force that was released onto the planetary energy grid last August. Most of us who were present in Altai got a very clear demonstration of the healing power of this energy. When you ground this energy through yourself into the Earth, it powerfully releases the disease-generating energy blocks in your body. I imagine it like a waterfall on my head and shoulders.
  • Riding the Golden DragonCurt DuBois and Cyndy Sheldon of the Bellingham IONS club put music to my slide-show about Altai. The music is the throat-singing that we recorded this past summer. Check it out!


  • snow leopardExplore the Irbus Ecotour FaceBook page. A coalition of indigenous Altai, Tuvan, and Mongolian peoples is organizing a first-ever transboundary ecotourism route focusing on the habitat of the snow leopard. There are links to some nice videos. 
  • It is now 2012, woohooo! and I must admit that the anticipated energy shifts are well underway in my reality. Stay tuned for a new batch of my visionary paintings, which are in process now.


  • young throat-singersSvetlana Katynova, our main Altai liaison, says there is a new group of talented young throat-singers The teenagers we help come out of subsistence situations, and will only be able to continue their education with outside help. Please sign up to donate a modest amount monthly.
  • A major goal of Altai Mir University is the sharing of traditional wisdom for the welfare of humanity. This Hopi message is powerful and life-affirming.
  • On March 20th, I plan to participate in the fourth gathering in San Francisco of the Altai Alliance — a coalition of American nonprofit organizations working in Altai. We will coordinate our efforts to optimize our effectiveness and minimize our “footprint.” Two to three of our main Altai liaison people are brought over for the meeting to guide us, ensuring that our plans are actually helpful.
  • index~~element36On March 24-25, an open Women’s Grassroots Conference is being held in Seattle, with internet connection for online participation by out-of-towners. The agenda will be set by the participants.

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