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At the meeting of Novosibirsk meditators was a medical doctor. As we discussed the energy-induced headaches that various people had gotten, and how drinking extra water helped, this doctor explained that headaches are a symptom of mercury poisoning, and that drinking water also alleviates those headaches.

She went on to explain that the reason the health and life expectancy of the Altai people is so poor is that mercury (among other things) is a common mineral in Altai. She discovered this as a result a relative of hers dying in Altai of mercury poisoning at age 46.

We understood that the minerals in the Altai Mountains were useful to contain the energy cache, and the mountains are well known to be rich in minerals. Another example: at the end of our ride across the Ukok Plateau, the Fellowship was VERY disappointed to discover that the “warm springs” at which we ended our trip were not warm in temperature, but warm with radioactive radon gas that seeps and bubbles up out of the ground.

Then she explained that, where there are minerals that are toxic to humans, HERBS grow that contain antidotes. She particularly mentioned “Golden Root,” which is a much sought-after liver tonic that grows only high in the Altai Mountains. She also mentioned “talkhan,” which is toasted, ground barley that is added, with local milk, to traditional Altai tea. However, instead of using local herbs for the tea, people are using black tea, which is counterproductive.

A couple of Altai elders have said to me that the reason the Altai people are so sick was that they have left their traditional foods

They are eating mainly sheep (which is traditional) and processed foods. Altai Mir University’s projects to support traditional Altai livelihoods (especially village food production of honey and herbs) have been based partially on this information. The projects are also based on the idea that an informed, healthy population base is necessary to support the stewardship of the sacred lands.

I was amazed at the simplicity and profundity of this doctor’s idea:

EAT THE LOCAL HERBS and get healthy!

I have put this doctor in contact with Svetlana Katynova, our Altai miracle worker, who has the contacts and influence to get the ear of the Altai Ministry of Health. Oh, such a gift this information is!!!


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Invocation to Night Six ~ Channeling by Elders http://www.pleadianlight.net/dl.htm

I call upon the Overlighting of the Company of Heaven, the Andromedan Co-Creative Ray Council of Twelve, Helios and Vesta, Nature Intelligence and Mother Earth, as I align myself through Mother/Father God, and my I Am Presence.
I now call upon the Andromedan Co-Creative Ray Council of Twelve, to take me in an external Merkaba into the Crystalline City of Light within Lake Titicaca, so I may experience the vastness of my Self within these Golden Flames of eternal Divine Love.

As I enter into this Crystalline City of Light, I am greeted by three Gatekeepers of Light, embraced and welcomed, as I am led into a magnificent vibrating golden icosahedronal shaped Temple of Light.
Surrounded by my family and friends of the Light, I now experience this Cosmic Three-Fold Flame of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom deep within my heart as I affirm:
“I surrender my Self to Divine Love,
I surrender my Self to the full magnificence of my Divinity as an initiate of Light in service to Mother Earth and all her Life”.

I am now placed in a Spiritual Microtron Activated Chamber of Light.
As this Flame of Golden Light is activated, as the sub-atomic particles within my body spin in increased frequencies of Light, amplified through the super-electron, I now merge with my I Am Presence, releasing, healing, and loving all aspects of my Self while lifting myself in vibrational attunement into the realms of Divine Love.

I now find myself within the Unity Grid of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness, connected to all the Light Workers and Beings of Light from On High assisting in the Divine blueprint and creation of this New Earth.

I now experience the activation of the Golden Solar Disc of Light within my heart, through the radiation and Light of all the sacred Solar Discs and portals of Light within and around this earth plane, as I align with the inner Earth Sun, the Earth, Comet Elenin, the Sun, the Central Sun and Great Central Sun, and now experience myself within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

As this Flame of Divine Love and Child of the Sun, I now find myself within this seventh dimensional frequency of Divine Light in the etheric of Andromeda, merging now with my seventh dimensional selves and taking on these keycodes of Light.

I now assist all the Beings of Light from On High in directing this Cosmic Golden Three-Fold Flame of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom through these dimensions of Light and now into this Solar System and onto Earth, into Shamballa, into the Unity Grid and Crystalline Grid of Light, through all the leylines and sacred sites, and now into the hearts and minds of all Humanity, lifting them into the possible experience of Cosmic Christ Consciousness and Divine Love.

I Am balance and harmony,
I Am illumination and devotion,
I Am Power, Love and Wisdom,
I Am the Three-Fold Flame of Divine Love,
I Am a Child of the Sun,
I Am All That I Am.

Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek http://www.pleiadianlight.net
Co-created by Adi’El http://www.newlightfusion.com
Music by Mike Hammer ~ http://www.michaelhammer.com

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I wanted to share my extraordinary experience working with the Great Lake portal in the Chicago area this past month while I was visiting the area.

During this meditation, as I opened to connect with the guardian spirits of the area, I was taken back through time.

I was shown the great basin that once existed around the area during the ice age.  The great lakes were the lowest point of this great, deep glacial lake.  The portal at the base of this greatest lake was a portal for most of the Midwest connected to all the rivers running across the vast valleys.

The illuminated beings explained to me that the healing of the Earth is taking place across the temporal planes as well.

As we access our ancestral lineage and the spiritual connections with our previous lives, a great clearing is taking place through time, correcting our entire bloodlines and cultural heritage.

Quite miraculous!

Much love,

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2011 Fall Equinox: September 23, 2011

5:05 AM, EDT

It is the Fall Equinox north of the equator, and the Spring Equinox south of the equator. In the north, it is time to balance the intentions you created during the Spring Equinox, while in the south it is time to create new intentions for what you want to create during the year. This site is written for readers north of the equator, so those down south will need to apply this reading to their spring intentions.

It is the Fall Equinox, the great balancing moment when we gather ourselves together to prepare for the clarity and challenge of winter. This equinox is especially energized because the Spring Equinox occurred soon after the beginning of the Universal Underworld on March 9, 2011-and this Fall Equinox occurs shortly before the completion of the Universal on October 28, 2011. Therefore this short period is the richest and most conscious evolutionary phase we have ever experienced as humans. As most of you already know, 2011 is the apex of time acceleration. Evolution has progressed twenty times faster during the Galactic Underworld (1999-2011), and with only weeks remaining, we are reflecting upon 16.4 billion years of growth in our universe.

Since March 9, we have been analyzing our progress by the seven Days and six Nights of the Universal; and many of us have awakened our latent human capacity that leads us to co-creation with divine forces. Day Six of the Universal (Sept. 5-22), the flowering phase of the Universal, is complete as Night Six opens on the Fall Equinox. The synchronicity between the Mayan Calendar and these astrological cycles reminds us that the critical leap in these rapidly intensifying evolutionary phases occurs during Night Six (Sept. 23 to Oct. 10). During Night Six’s in previous Underworlds, cataclysms shook things up and new evolutionary strains came forth. Now, something will happen that will cause a few individuals to work directly with divine forces, and soon more and more people will discover this advanced capacity. How might you recognize this capacity within yourself? It is like being a conductor of a great symphony that activates joy and bliss in the audience, and not by attaining power or control. New tools for this phase are coming forth, such as the inspirational film, Journey Through the Universe, by gravitational physicist Brian Swimme [visit www.journeythroughtheuniverse.org], premiering in Seattle on 9/29.

Considering the critical nature of this final and highly accelerated Universal Underworld, I focus on some new creations flowering during Day Six that are balancing and harmonizing the new emerging fractal fields. The three main themes we’ve been following during the Universal are the unsolved problems of using nuclear energy, global financial health, and changing politics in the Middle East. These issues came to the forefront during Day One of the Universal; they’ve matured and developed within the waves from midpoint to midpoint during the Universal Days and Nights; and now they are almost fully mature, which requires balancing them this fall. The main focus here will be the Palestinian request to the United Nations for statehood, since it is to be considered on the Fall Equinox. Palestine’s president, Mahmoud Abbas, repeated his statehood request exactly when Pluto went direct on September 16. As shown by this timing, Middle Eastern instability will be the hot issue during Night Six, when we also will probably see high focus on nuclear power issues and global finance. For example, new debt instruments, euro bonds, were proposed during Day Six and their success (or failure) will be known during Night Six. By the way, Fareed Zakaria on CNN’s GPS has proposed that China help solve the global debt crisis by making loans through the IMF, just as the US did after WWII, an idea that could certainly bear fruit during Day Seven.

Longtime readers of this website know that I’ve often said that world peace will not come until the conflict over Israel is resolved. This E/W tension erupted in Egypt (as well as in Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Yemen) when the people threw out Hosni Mubarak and now struggle to govern. Israel was driven out of its Cairo embassy on September 10, when a mob of rioters tore down the tall concrete wall surrounding around it and occupied the building. This was a stunning blow to Israel, and if such a thing had ever happened while Mubarak was in power, Israel would have attacked Egypt. So far, there is no significant reaction. The seizure of the Israeli embassy and the destruction of its hated wall is a strange repeat of the Exodus, which happened just when Palestine’s request for statehood is on the table. The US says it will veto the Palestinian request, which would cause many to wonder why Israel was granted its own request for statehood in 1948.

Palestine is the vortex for the three religions that claim their status from Abraham’s covenant with Yahweh. This month, the UN may embark on a total reorganization of the Middle East, since the world seeks balance in these wildly conflicting interests. Regarding the completion of all Nine Underworlds on October 28, 2011, Night Six and the Fall Equinox are a do-or-die moment. If the momentous changes that are needed now are blocked this fall, then unity consciousness is being aborted. Since such an outcome would be against nature, this analysis focuses on potential solutions. The solutions are many. For starters, note that New Moon in Libra arrives four days after the Fall Equinox and liberates the search for justice and truth. At the Equinox itself, the Sun moves into with Mercury in Virgo close behind, so we are armed with intelligent exactitude. Sun/Mercury closely oppose Uranus retrograde in 3 Aries with newly direct Pluto in 5 Capricorn forming the head of a T-square to this opposition. Uranus and Pluto are in the early stages of many subsequent squares that will occur through 2015, so we must observe the dance of these two outer planets. Unlike some people studying the Mayan Calendar, for me this period is not the “end times.” I’m starting to think 2011 will eventually be seen as the end of this obsession with sin and atonement. Instead, we are experiencing Reverse Rapture-the only way to purge this nutty fanaticism from the religions founded by Abraham! Finally we can partake of true wisdom-after being bored by two thousand years of waiting for the apocalypse. Let’s look more closely at the Uranus/Pluto squares, since they are orchestrating the next big change phase-2012-2015.

On the day of the Spring Equinox 2011, Uranus was the big mover and shaker. Just after the Sun went into Aries, it moved to Uranus, which propelled the Day One time acceleration. Uranus retrograded in July, and now it is traveling back to its Spring Equinox position. This transit is forcing us to process the great changes that began with Day One. Pluto in Capricorn is newly direct and very potent, since its Capricorn transit to 2024 rules the transformation of the world’s financial and industrial systems. Then, as Uranus, the plantet of revolution, begins its squares to Pluto, Uranus has just begun a new 84-year-long cycle in Aries, which fully empowers to transform reality. Anybody noticing? And, this 84-year Uranus cycle takes us to 2095! Consider how astrology’s focus on the future is a great antidote to the focus on endings.

The equinox chart suggests that the great transformation of antiquated belief systems is the major theme: Sun and Mercury opposing Uranus with newly direct Pluto as the head of the T-square charges us with passion and determination to shove great blockages out of the way. The tension between the opposing planets (Sun/Mercury opposite Uranus) pushes Pluto into hyper drive. During this fall, with Sun conjunct Mercury, individuals will makes constant adjustments and changes inspired by Uranus, and these shifts will empower Pluto to encourage us to dump antiquated financial, industrial, and political systems. Uranus goes all the way back to 0 Aries on Christmas Day, and then, as it goes direct, opposing forces will just cave in. This process will accelerate because of continual Uranus/Pluto squares through 2015. Yes, people around you may be screaming about endings, yet 2011 is merely a turning point when people choose to be Keepers of Earth.

We go to the Moon next, because ultimately we are the most transformed by our feelings. This chart suggests we will have the emotional strength to accomplish great changes. The Moon in 4 Leo is conjunct Mars in 3 Leo and sextile to Sun and Mercury. This fall we will have clear feelings, good energy, and strong wills; this will inspire us to push for Libran justice and equality, especially with a global focus on statehood for the Palestinians. Moon-conjunct-Mars in early Leo gives us feelings of confidence and trust, and their close sextile to the equinox Sun/Venus in Libra supports our search for equality. But, there is even more! Moon/Mars is the head of a tight Yod from Chiron/Neptune on the right sextiling newly direct Pluto in Capricorn in the left. You can activate Yods by visualizing the following: Hold the sextile in your hands and shoot the energy in your hands out to the opposite point (Moon/Mars in Leo) like using a dowsing rod. Yods are extremely magical and directive configurations, yet unwisely most astrologers ignore them. Yods show us how to direct energy, which activates all the elements in the chart.

Yods are major configuration like squares, oppositions, and trines. Before I analyze this Yod, let’s notice a few things about Neptune, a significant player in this Yod. Neptune is in its last sojourn in Aquarius, and after turning direct on November 9, it goes forward into Pisces permanently in early 2012, when it will inspire a great spiritual revival. Neptune first entered Aquarius in early 1998, just before the closest alignment of the Winter Solstice Sun to the Galactic Center in spring 1998. This galactic alignment altered the fractal fields, and then the Galactic Underworld time acceleration opened in January 1999. Neptune in Aquarius is the planetary accelerator of the Galactic Underworld, the energizer of the Age of Aquarius, and our guide for purifying the National Underworld religions. Since 1999, many have recovered their direct access to divine consciousness by eschewing traditional religions and embracing human community. This Yod is a tool for extrication from religious control.

To read the Yod, imagine holding Neptune/Chiron in your right hand and Pluto in your left, and then shoot waves of energy out through Moon/Mars. Your right hand courses with the potent healing energy of Chiron in unison with Neptune’s spiritual guidance, while your left hand courses with the passionate depth of Pluto in total synchronicity with Gaia now, and the force coursing through Moon/Mars activates all the fire of your will and your ability to feel. This Yod has all four elements-Moon/Mars in fire, Pluto in Earth, Neptune in Air, and Chiron in Water-so it moves you into the center of all the elements where you can activate all nine dimensions. As you can see, the cosmos is guiding our transformation.

More aspects in the fall chart give us the power to balance our consciousness in the new fractal fields. Saturn in 18 Libra is sextile to the lunar North Node in 18 Sagittarius, an aspect that offers the ideal discipline for utilizing Saturn in Libra’s balancing powers. Saturn is trining the lunar South Node, so the flow of past wisdom is multifaceted and stimulating; we just know what we must do now. Jupiter retrograde in earthy Taurus holds us in a state of deep contemplation, as its trine to Pluto in Capricorn focuses efforts to “just let go of old things needing to be transformed.” Venus in 10 Libra is close to Saturn contributing the joy of fathers and daughters working together for planetary harmonics. Venus’s close trine to Jupiter in Taurus reminds everybody to value resources and to use them for good and creative things.

The Universal Underworld time acceleration has been radical for most people; many have reported feelings of being dragged by depressing inertia during 2011. Yet, now that Day Six is complete, the Universal form is coalescing and is whipping ripples through the fractal fields as nine dimensions open in our bodies. The sixth dimension has already shifted the fractal fields in 3D, and we are just getting glimpses of this influence now. We see it in things going on in our personal lives or in the world that manifest new outcomes in surprising ways. The changes we attain in 3D strengthen our alignments with 6D, and these ideal forms are restructuring the higher-order fractal fields. Just trust, just surrender, if you can. In the greater world, pay no attention to those barking about the end times-since this moment is our Birth. Tune in for the New Moon reading in a few days, when we will be able to better see how this remarkable Fall Equinox chart releases the balancing forces of all nine dimensions in sacred Earth.

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Patricia Anne Davis, Dineh Wisdom keeper:

Thank you everyone.  This is Patricia.  You have participated in the song of no words, with your intention and commitment to using the light of your sacred-SELF for grounding love and peace in the world.  This is synchronistic*, being in harmony and balance with the divine plan and the natural order; and it is synergistic*.  We had an opportunity for the unifying principles to manifest by honoring the call to go out and to have so many people remember and reawaken and renew our ways of being in the world.

Song of no words: from the Metaphysical literature the “Voice of the Silence” is where the “raincloud of knowable things” reveals spiritual wisdom and knowledge to each soul in what is now known publically as the Gold Star meditation.  From the Navajo/Dineh spiritual language lens, it is the air that makes the sound of the perfect love and peace of creator that radiates to the physical sun, to the holy plant people and we exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide – the miracle of Photosynthesis.  We call this “air” the holy creator’s breath.  We are alive with it and we speak with it.

The most important thing is this tremendous appreciation and gratitude for all the people in their own way and in their own place who understood that the spiritual realm is beyond our temporal time and space into eternal time where you, all of you, are existing in the eternal now – within us.  With all the gifts that have been equally given to us, we have used for the listening and the receiving spiritual energies.  Also, grounding and sending these energies through a very simple technique of uniting people in such a way that they can understand that we are all connected.

And that was most challenging to me was how to use words that define very esoteric knowledge and wisdom in such a way that conveyed the unifying principles for so much participation.  To all the beautiful people who put their heart and time in assisting – so much appreciation to all of you, to everyone.

We are feeling the song of no words in the heartbeat of Mother Earth and in the in-breath and the out-breath in the universe the creator’s holy breath is breathing through our life, our living and our being.

Love and light to all of you!”

-Patricia Anne Davis, Practitioner and Diagnostician and also an International Teacher and Consultant of Navajo/Dineh blessingway ceremonial healing principles that are cross-cultural, inter-generational, inclusive and universal in practical application.

Definition of Synergistic and Synchronistic available at the Native American Concepts Glossary*

©Patricia Anne Davis, MA and the Navajo Nation Justice Department  All my work is translated from the Navajo/Dineh language and those italicized  words notate that.  The meaning and vibration is my way of keeping track of information in English while I exist, speak and write in the Dineh Affirmative thinking system. 

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Lake Akkem and the Sacred Mount of Altai

Hola beloved Circle of Sound Family,

I write to all our CONTACT members as we enter the month of  “ 9 / 11 ” and continue with all our changes.

First I want to thank all of you who participated and supported the work we recently accomplished in Altai, Siberia, working to Harmonize, re-open and re-activate the great Portal of Shambhala energy in this area, around the magical and sacred Mount Beluha on the past full moon, August 13. I have just returned a week ago from the six-week expedition there, and can tell you that it was a wonderful experience and quite an adventure to see such sacred and powerful land and people. I now have ever more respect and admiration and honor for the Altai, which translates > people of the land. Our ceremony on the August 13 was very powerful, as was the week afterward, when we stayed in the same location as the ceremony and worked to ground into the Earth this new flow of Divine Love and Light. We generated a huge group antenna of this Divine Love and Light, and we continue to work with it, attracting more and more of this energy, Love and Light all the time. The works goes on!!!.

So again, thanks to all of you who participated and who continue to participate with us.

Altar for the full moon ceremony and the week afterwards

While there, we spent one night with some Kogis from Colombia, who were there in Altai to work to unite the indigenous peoples, so that they can work TOGETHER to preserve and maintain the sacredness of their lands, mountains, rivers and Mother Nature.

They were there in Altai with a group of people who have recently been in North America and the Unitd Nations for the same intention, to unite the elders of the different nations there. The Kogis are part of this work, as they see it as essential to preserve the sacred lands around the planet. It was an honor to sit in circle and in ceremony with these beautiful people. The outcome of the discussion shared that night was to generate some very specific and conscious documents and declarations, to be presented to the governments of the countries where there are such sacred lands that need to be preserved and respected. I consider this to be very important work.

The group asked all of us present to support the presentation of these documents with our minds, consciousness and hearts. I have asked to be informed when such documents and declarations are to be presented to the governments. I now ask which of you are interested in being informed, so that we can have some special crystal bowl ceremonies to support these presentations. This is a bit different from our on-going Circle of Sound ceremonial work, yet it is another way to take advantage of the power of our crystal sounds and united consciousness. I believe that we will have other such opportunities in the future to unite and support and contribute to such activities around the planet. So please respond to me and let me know of your interest and willingness to be involved in this work.

I have one other very important request of you. I trust that you all comprehend the “deeper” intention of our Circle of Sound Global Harmonization Ceremony…the part at the end of our five intentions: “…Among all beings of the Planet,” referring most specifically to our intraterrestrial family of brothers and sisters living inside the planet at very specific and important sites/portals, at each site carrying on work to maintain certain frequencies for the well-being of Mother Earth and all Her creations. I refer to the primary purpose of this ceremony: to establish and maintain communication and contact with our underground family. I have heard from a few of you over the years who have felt the presence of this family, and who have received some words, sensations and/or messages from them. My request now is to those of you who have received any information from them that might be of benefit to the well-being of those of us on the surface of the planet. Such as information about any of their technologies and applications of Light and energies, about their abilities to grow their food supply and nourishments, their communication system and their transportation systems. As well as anything else that you might have received. I do not intend to immediately share this information across the internet, better to consider it and discern the best course of action with such information. Let us consider all this together. Thank you very much for whatever you have to share.

And again, thank you, bless you all for your good works, for your support and participation in our Circle of Sound events and ceremonies, which may be increasing as the need to do so increases. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for responding. If I do not hear back from you, I will consider that your response.

Daniel Brower

Many blessings all over the planet,

O Bla Di Bla Da

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Rainbows while boarding overnight train back to Novosibirsk

I was physically separated from the group in Altai, however, the independent meditation and connection to the land and spirits I was able to make has percolated throughout my being. Upon coming home, I was exhausted…it has taken me a few weeks to get my energy level back to “normal”.
Here is a journal entry I had on August 30, 2011:
It as if I am coming out of a fog, sifting through webs of mist in order to reach a level of universal rhythm, love and peace. I feel love replacing hate and fear. The web feels karmically controlled….we all hold our own thread. I shift my thread, affecting the whole….intrinsically, vibrantly making a difference. Engaging reverence, congruency…the difference, the real act of doing….being.

Rainbows Camping near Djazator enroute to Ukok

We are all present, I feel it…I look forward to see what this group can accomplish over the course of this next year. Thank you to all.

Many Blessings and I wanna add in a DOUBLE RAINBOW!

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