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The 5th Day brings Quetzalcoatl… Symbolic of Christ Consciousness… calling all spiritual rainbow warriors to shine your light of truth from within… moving past separations that the mind is fed by… allowing for the collective to attract ONENESS through a natural process of divine order…

A big opening to consciousness is about to happen, allowing for a closer connection to your divinity within… As we evolve we are seeing ourselves for who and what we are more and more and this evolution continue… consciousness is giving birth and many can feels this… with the new moon this will also allow for new beginnings…

The universal wave is a wave of energy on a spiritual plane, on the physical plane it is symbolic of a wave in the ocean.

THE 5TH DAY  The Consciousness of Quetzalcoatl

Without truth, trust cannot resonate. And it is so.
The art of Forward Movement & the 5th Day, 31st July to 17th August 2011

Let’s dance to the song of life. Calling all spiritual warriors of Creation’s sacred will, it is time to get out of the shadow.

The 9th Level of the Mayan calendar’s consciousness is known as the Universal Wave http://www.oursacreduniver​se.co.za/mayan.html and has arrived at the 9th of 13X18 day cycles, the creation of forward movement, from the 31st July to 17th August 2011. The symbolic bird is the Turkey.

Of the 13 cycles of the Universal Wave, cycle nine is the brightest period of light manifesting (Quetzalcoatl – God of Light – Christ consciousness) and in the plants life it is when the chemicals are produced that carry information for the buds to form. In this period was when art was invented, the message of Jesus moved over Earth, Einstein discovered the theory of relativity and America with the victory of WW1 rose to world power.

What will rise up through our consciousness are all those things we have unconsciously not dealt with. So ignorance is not bliss. Through these times, if we deal with what bothers our conscience, by consciously confronting our truth about any given situation, we will heal our lives. Sometimes we are not always right. It could be time to be humble.

The 13 day Trecena we are brought into the 5th day with, is the Dog (Oc), guiding light of family and home. This wave crests on the 4th, 5th and 6th of Aug, the Dog is our loyal and trusted guide. Then we are to start 1-Night (Akbal) on the 12th Aug, recreated unity and dampened worldly ambition, this crests into the 5th Night on the 18th Aug which is a time of further possibile intense challenges ultimately manifesting the Divine plan of Universal Oneness. The time will be good for breathing in the hearts truth with sacred awareness in action. Gather with those of like mind. Shining the Global Mind from Global Heart and connecting this with the Universal Heart of Unconditional Love.

The universal wave is a wave of energy on a spiritual plane, on the physical plane it is symbolic of a wave in the ocean, seen manifest through water. If you look closer you will notice that the ocean provides us with a clue. Mother Earth’s ocean waves come in different sizes and in sets. So when a wave of energy forms it comes in a small wave then the next wave maybe a bit smaller and the next slightly bigger and then the next even bigger and all of a sudden a set of waves will come through. Surfers know this. None the less the waves are all unique. As the waves crest they need to be at there strength so as to form the wave. Its proximity to the oceans bed or floor, as it comes closer to the coast, allows the wave to form, cresting and rolling over to completion. So all this can be related to the Mayan calendar waves which work with the number 13 as a process from 1 to 13, of various sized cycles. We planted the seed in March/April… read article… http://www.oursacreduniver​se.co.za/Time%20of%20the%2​0Hummingbird.pdf

The 9th cycle is just after the crest of the wave when forward movement pushes the energy forward to its ultimate completion. On the last 8th level the 9th cycle was 20 x larger being 360 days and was in the year 2007. On the 9th level it is 20 times smaller and only 18 days running through the first half of August 2011. On the 7th level it was roughly 19 years in length from roughly 1912 to 1932. On the 6th level it was roughly the first 400 years after the birth of Christ when Christ Consciousness was first Spread through the message of Jesus.
The Divine frequency of consciousness is resonating through humanity so as for us to see where we are headed and we are constantly changing the direction to follow the road of our heart. The road of the heart is the Divine road that has no ending or beginning because it connects with the void of Great Mystery. We do not need to work it out, because it just is. Our heart knows this but our mind doubts this.

Like a crystal we all have flaws. If you see the flaws in someone else, that flaw is in you.

Through being unconscious we are caught up in our own world because we might think that everything is separate from ourselves and thus we tend not to care. Thus we consciously don’t hold hope for the way the world is seemingly at war with itself. The truth is that if we were to wake up to the fact that we all equally hold an important role as the keepers of Earth then things can change for yourself and for ourselves. Mother Earth does not concern herself as she knows she is living according to the divine plan of ultimate sacredness manifesting heaven on Earth.

I feel that living with a clear conscience is very important and will help our consciousness resonate with the higher vibrations arriving, which are of infinite pure love and light that connect to the infinite source at the center of the infinite universe. This time that we are headed for will bring even more revelations because consciousness is becoming transparent. This also means that many will wake up to who they are inside, and see how separate they have treated life. Realizing that we are one with all Creation and everything that is outside of you is not separate. What is outside is within and this has come to you through your choice. When you are confronted with a challenge you will be of the understanding that it makes sense to walk through the challenge instead of avoidance, thus making the challenge your alley and gift. If everything becomes your ally then you become one with your surroundings in a more harmonious and balanced way.

It’s all coming together that we are so much more than our mind. In fact we have never been our minds. We are that spark of light that comes out of the Great Mystery. This comes from within our infinite Ancient Heart that is mirrored as the without. The intuition is the key that unlocks the door, leading us from the mind to the heart and the Mayan Tzolkin’s Sacred Count of 260 days is the director to bring us home to that infinite moment of “being” that we are arriving at.

The Mayan calendar describes each day having purpose and everyday is a shift of energy in the matrix of life. Through the feeling body these shifts have been honoured since ancient times and not a day has been lost by the Mayan Day Keepers of Central America.

Read article No – 026 … for more…

The Universal Wave Calendar

The day’s energies of cycle nine.
1 2-Monkey(Chuen/Baatz) 31st July 2011, 2 = Creates Reaction, West, Memory & Creativity

2 3-Road(Eb/Eey) 1st August 2011, 3 = Activates, South, Awareness & Protect

3 4-Reed(Ben/Aaj) 2nd August 2011, 4 = Stability, East, Growth & Sustenance

4 5-Jaguar(Ix/Ix-Balam) 3rd August 2011, 5 = Empowers, North, Nurture & Guardian

5 6-Eagle(Men/Tzikin) 4th August 2011, 6-Creates Flow, West, Vision & Confident

6 7-Owl/Vulture(Cib/Ajmaq) 5th August 2011, 7-Reveals, South, Wisdom & Receptiveness

7 8-Earth(Caban/Noj) 6th August 2011, 8 = Harmonizes, East, Movement & Compassion

8 9-Flint(Edznab/Tijax) 7th August 2011, 9 = Creates Forward Movement, North, Reflection & Strength

9 10-Rainstorm(Cauac/Kawoq) 8th August 2011, 10 = Challenge, West, Cleansing & Giving

1 11-Light(Ahau/Jun-Ajpub) 9th August 2011, 11 = Creates Clarity, South, Patience & Expansion

2 12-Alligator(Imix/Imox) 10th August 2011, 12 = Creates Understanding, East, Water & Rejuvenate

3 13-Wind(Ik/Iq) 11th August 2011, 13 = Completes, North, communicate & Change

4 1-Night(Akbal/Aqabal) 12th August 2011, 1 = Initiates, West, Renewal & Resurrection

5 2-Lizard(Kan/Kat) 13th August 2011, 2 = Creates Reaction, South, Harvest & Gifts

6 3-Serpent(Chicchan/Kaan) 14th August 2011, 3 = Activates, East, Equilibrium & Peace

7 4-Death(Cimi/Kame) 15th August 2011, 4 = Stability, North, Transformation & Rebirth

8 5-Deer(Manik/Kiej) 16th August 2011, 5 = Empowers, West, Nature & Spiritual

9 6-Rabbit(Lamat/Qaniel) 17th August 2011, 6-Creates Flow, South, Abundance & Appreciate

link to Universal Wave Calendar at OUR SACRED UNIVERSE

By following the sacred grasp of the Mayan calendar you keep connected to the ancient science of the original plan that allows for one to see why the world is in a place of chaos now… its all part of a plan to allow ourselves to see ourselves and become aware of what we are doing… the path of destruction needs to become the path of love…

Read about and learn about the 9 levels of the Mayan calendar in this article… email me with questions if need be.. seanacaul@gmail.com http://www.oursacreduniver​se.co.za/010%20-%20THE%209​%20LEVELS%20OF%20THE%20MAY​AN%20CALENDAR%20AND%20THE%​20GALACTIC%20FRUIT%20OF%20​THE%207TH%20DAY%20-%2027th​%20Oct%202010.pdf

Dr Carl Johan Calleman’s latest article… http://www.calleman.com/co​ntent/articles/Beginning_4​thNight_9thWave.htm

With unconditional love and light…
from Sean Caulfield

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My image of the 1st and 2nd waves of the trip

I see the trekking portion of the trip like opening the sluice to a powerful river.
I see the Second Wave as a giant lake being filled by the river, amplifying it, and then reflecting it out all over the planet.

The trekking part feels like a doing – creating the pathway up and then opening the gate once at the top.  It feels like there is some effort, a challenge of sorts – A bearing down and opening up to resonate with the energy, connect with it, invite it to flow.  The trip down feels like we will be gleefully washed downhill. It’s a preparing of the way.

The Second Wave feels like a receptive energy. It feels less about doing than being fully open to receiving.  I sense a beautiful stillness in the souls who are receiving.  That stillness will become an amazing fullness. That fullness will magnify out and be received by the grounding groups and the entire planet who are so thirsty for it.

Lately, I am constantly being stunned by people I never suspected had any “spiritual” leanings who are so sure and clear in their support as I go forward with this trip. It’s as if my deepest parts are resonating with theirs and connecting.  I am so grateful for their  beautiful clarity and for the divine in us all.  When I am sharing my longing and challenges from a place of truth,  the responses are amazingly similar in their resounding “YES!!!!”

That’s what I’ve got.  Thanks for listening and sharing in this adventure.  I would love to hear what all of you are experiencing!!!

Peace to you all,
Patty C.

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From March 26th by Carol Hiltner  This is also important for Grounding Group Participants who will be connecting with the Altai Energy

Greetings all!
This evening I happened to re-read several of Judith’s channelings, and found that this one had even more meaning and challenge for me now that when it was given. This is a small part of what Judith channeled:

“Have no doubts that you are the one, Carol. Have no doubts that they, the ones that wait in the Altai have tested you, initiated you and prepared you. For there must be one that leads the light.
There must be one who is the Way Shower.
And it is essential that you know, that as you are capable of standing in a group and being in a democracy, you must have authority in this situation and those who travel with you must listen to you. For there are voices that speak through you that others cannot hear and will not be aware of and there must be an agreement. For these people are sovereign, the ones who you and they, the illuminant ones as they are called, they are sovereign. They are independent souls. They are not followers. But they are capable of respecting leadership and your leadership will be needed for this.
You have been training to have the sensitivity, the strength and the endurance to lead this mission. It is essential that you step forward and that is why this was called with witnesses. Your sisters witnessed this message. Your brother witnesses this message and it affirmed, it is essential. And others will receive guidance and you will flow.
You will flow together like liquid light.
And the guidance you will know when it is clear or if it is not clear.”

Generally, I prefer to hold the role of a “bridge” person — a connector, a bringer-together. As much as possible, I work collaboratively behind the scenes and let others fill “leadership” roles, so this is a stretch for my conscious awareness. So, I am in service, but I will need more than your respect and agreement — I must have your active support.

Here is what I know from all my trekking, year after year, in the Altai Mountains:

In sacred Altai, the Light is all-powerful and the hidden is exposed.

In practical terms, this means that where there are any places in our human selves in which pain, or fear, or trauma have caught and constricted the energy flow, those places are pushed open. NO ONE is exempt. This is so well known in Altai that it is publicly joked about. As the force of the Altai energy pushes open and exposes these blockages for healing, we can FEEL them in a variety of ways — as disorientation, physical illness or accident, grief, fear, rage, and over-sensitivity.

Now comes the zinger — when we feel these feelings, we have a choice:
We can project them outward onto others — destroying relationships and re-burying the traumas, OR
We can own them, bless them, thank them, release them, and proceed with the creative process.

To give you an idea of the level of intensity that can occur, a “lock” that had been put on my heart power at birth (long story) was shattered while I was trekking. I was completely non-functional for a whole month because of the pain of it.

This information is particularly important to this group because, according to the channeling mentioned above, this is what we are being called upon to do:

“these individuals [that’s us] are capable of being the bodies for the Luminous Ones to enter into the world, for the actions that are necessary in the physical world to open the illumination of the Great Light that will flow forth from the Gateways of Shambhala.”

From 12 years of experience with this energy, I know that this is likely to be the most wondrous and intense experience of our lives thus far.

My strong intuitive feeling is that, for us to ground this energy, we will urgently need all the help we can get.

We will need to be linked via the global Light grid to as many people as possible, who are holding the intention to ground this energy to enable our physical bodies to fully accommodate the Luminous Ones.


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